Small bathrooms with shower

Bathrooms are often small: we often have a lack of space in our homes and such functional spaces are kept tiny. How do you create cool decor, highlight the style, choose the right colors and squeeze everything you need here? First, skip the bathtub—a piece like this always takes up a lot of space, which you often can’t afford. And now let’s see how to style and design a small bathroom with just a shower.

styles and colors

Of course, stick with whatever style you have in your home – contemporary, modern, minimalist, farmhouse or any other – yes, you can stick to a style even in the smallest of spaces! How will you put it with tiles or other wall and floor coverings, with furniture and even decor. If it’s a farm bathroom, you can use wood tiles and wood furniture. If it’s a minimalist space, keep it clean and sleek and favor black fixtures. If it’s a glamorous room, bring some gold and glamorous geotiles if you have a boho bathroom. Use bright tiles and macrame accents.

When it comes to color, a neutral color scheme is the perfect solution for a small space. But you can also opt for a contrasting monochromatic color scheme or add pops of color – it all depends on your style and mood you are trying to achieve here.


Add the details and decorations that match the style and colors. Even if it is a small space, you can continue to decorate. Potted plants, catchy lamps, accent walls with tiles of a different color, patterned floors, woven baskets for storage and more – get inspired by the images we’ve collected!

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