Rustic Christmas table settings

The rustic Christmas style is very cozy, inspiring and welcoming. And it’s pretty easy to create without wasting much time or money since most of the things you need for decoration are nearby: pine cones, burlap, fir branches and so on. For a rustic table setting, you need something traditional: red, green, pinecone centerpieces, candles, and reindeer figurines. A rough wooden table would be ideal for such a setting, you can’t even use a tablecloth. You can also use a flower centerpiece in a wooden planter. Ball decorations in warm clothes, cinnamon for decoration and burlap napkin holders – these are great ideas for a rustic Christmas table!


Choose any colors you like: atmospheric and dark for a Nordic atmospheric rustic table, neutral, timeless and very popular, traditional green, red and white as well as metallic accents, monochromatic black, gray and white, a warm color palette with natural neutrality Colors, bold red and white and so on.

Natural decor

Rustic style is all about natural details and that’s what you need to maximize. Wooden disc placemats, lots of evergreen plants and lots of green, small Christmas trees in pots and vases, snowy and common pine cones, berries, even pears, apples and pomegranates as centerpieces are top priorities. Tree stumps and moss can be used to create cool centerpieces with candles and some rustic blooms if you like – hydrangeas for example. Flowers give the table a vintage look and green gives it a modern flair.

Rustic touches

Don’t forget to accentuate the style with rustic touches like antlers, buffalo check and plaid linens, woven placemats and stands, bells and ornaments, and of course, candles to set the mood and ambiance. Candle lanterns, especially wooden lanterns, add an appropriate feel to the tablescape. Get inspired!

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