Portable light for tablescapes

Many dinner parties and wedding table settings are now livened up with candles, but what if you want something bolder and more modern? A large table lamp might take up too much space, but you might find a smaller piece to light up your cool tablescape. Here is an idea of ​​such a lamp.

Designed by Francesc Vilaró for Grok Lighting, Cocktail is ideal to create a special atmosphere in restaurants, hotels and private homes – wherever you want. This tiny piece doesn’t take up much space, but it certainly lights up the area around it. Additionally, the adjustable head can be used to direct the light onto an object. There are 4 levels of adjustment and the lamps are available in black and white, making it fairly easy to integrate into any modern setting.

The piece is very convenient to use because it cannot be damaged anyway, it is completely smooth and even if you turn it over, it does not ignite fire, unlike a candle. Even if you plan to use it as a desk lamp for a specific purpose, it can illuminate a desired object, although it is not very convenient to work on it for a long time. Take this little light with you everywhere, it’s portable!

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