Multifunctional offset table

More and more companies are opting for open workspaces, and more and more homeowners are looking for multifunctional and practical furniture for their homes. Tom├ís Alonso’s offset table for Maxdesign is an answer to these requirements.

It is a flexible and adaptable table with a divided worktop that allows for cable management as well as accessories such as lamps and dividers. The added accessory helps to configure the shared spreadsheet for individual employees to become not just a spreadsheet but a workspace. The staggered table can also be used as a dining table, craft table and in many other ways that can come to mind.

The offset is available in different sizes. Each accessory has multiple options that allow full customization. Also, you can swap out the legs for a different look. This is a highly customizable part designed to solve the problem of lack of space and comfortable working in shared workspaces. Match it to your space and enjoy the functionality and practicality of the piece.

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