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Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Modern kitchen lighting ideas

MODERN KITCHEN LIGHTING IDEAS – With the era, the type of kitchen lighting also changes. In general, modern kitchen lighting ideas innovate traditional kitchen lighting concepts. Light material and rich design become two main aspects of modern kitchen lighting.

What we love most about modern kitchen lighting ideas is that there are many designs out there for mass production. Some people prefer to create ready-made lighting concepts for their kitchen. It’s an improved art that includes modern kitchen lighting.

Read on below to find some of these.

Built-in modern kitchen lighting

Built-in modern kitchen lighting
Source: traditionalhome.com

We believe you are familiar with our first idea. We call this built-in modern kitchen lighting because there are two large lamps on the ceiling of the kitchen. Of course, the lighting concept is included in the kitchen plan before construction.

This concept hopes to get a minimalist model for the kitchen. As you can see, this kitchen takes up a narrow area. Therefore, the kitchen needs lighting that looks simple. Large pendant lights can reduce the already narrow space in this kitchen.

There are two large lamps that are enough to illuminate the entire kitchen.

Fantastic modern kitchen lighting

Fantastic modern kitchen lighting
Source: carlaaston.com

As mentioned earlier, a modern kitchen style opens up limitless lighting styles. One of them is presented in this example. We call this great because it is amazing to see how this example fits in with the “lightbulb within lightbulb” concept.

The lighting consists of two hanging oversized light bulb-like glass covers. Each one has a “real light bulb” that generates rays when the light switch is switched on. The glass cover can increase the beam so that the entire kitchen is illuminated.

The pendant light approaches the kitchen island, which immediately attracts attention.

Modern kitchen lighting similar to flashlights

Modern kitchen lighting similar to flashlights
Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Bring back fond memories from when you were a boy scout boy or girl scout girl. This idea was used to steal a simple design of torches with fire and wood. Of course, you shouldn’t bring the traditional flashlight into the kitchen, especially since your kitchen is modern, as this shows.

The kitchen lighting consists of three torch-like lights that hang from the ceiling. Each lighting is covered with gray metal. Sleek and simple, each lighting has a small one below.

The lighting concept supports the kitchen, which appears minimal and simple.

Beautiful modern kitchen lighting

Beautiful modern kitchen lighting
Source: steinerparents.com

There is a clear similarity between the fourth and second ideas. Both are inspired by the lamp model. This time the fourth uses three large light bulbs that hang from the ceiling halfway up the kitchen.

The big onions look kind of adorable. The lighting falls directly over the kitchen island and supports the built-in lamps that are distributed throughout the kitchen. The transparent covers of the lighting unit help to distribute the beam generated by the lightbulbs.

The lighting is an upgraded version of the traditional little lightbulbs we use a lot.

Modern studio style kitchen lighting

Studio-like modern kitchen lighting
Source: Architectureartdesigns.com

There are four small light bulbs in the small white cover, each attached to the kitchen ceiling. The entire lighting unit is strongly reminiscent of studio lighting. Each of the light bulbs is designed to create bright rays for the kitchen.

This is one of the most advanced models of modern kitchen lighting. The lighting copies cool and functional properties of studio lamps. The lighting design keeps the kitchen spacious, although the area appears large.

To create a broad atmosphere, the lighting consists of small lamps.

Disco-inspired modern kitchen lighting

Disco-inspired modern kitchen lighting
Source: cjcfc2018.com

There are two types of modern kitchen lighting in this kitchen. We’re discussing the disco-inspired because in the first tip we talked about built-in lighting. The built-in lighting model becomes one of the lighting styles in this kitchen.

The disco-inspired lighting unit consists of three large circular spheres with lamps inside. They sparkle like lamps we see in clubs or at parties. The choice of lighting makes this kitchen very varied.

The combination is unlikely as we see it in today’s modern kitchen.

Incredibly modern kitchen lighting

Incredibly modern kitchen lighting
Source: Secureidm.com

Here, too, we choose a light bulb as the overall concept for the kitchen lighting. This kitchen uses lightbulbs without special covers like in the previous examples. The lightbulbs in this kitchen stay as they are. The difference lies in the different lamp sizes that are placed in one place.

There are five lightbulbs in this kitchen, from super small to large. They hang from the ceiling of the kitchen to the range hood. We know kitchen lighting is becoming a cool twist on the gray tone of the kitchen.

Beautiful modern kitchen lighting

Beautiful modern kitchen lighting
Source: cieric.org

This eighth tip shows how easy it is to turn kitchen lighting into beautiful one. Look at the cover of each lamp. The lighting unit consists of the three lamps that hang from the ceiling to near the kitchen island.

The lighting creates bright rays that allow you to enjoy food and drinks served on the kitchen island. If you look at the simple kitchen model, the lighting is refreshing by itself.

Exceptional modern kitchen lighting

Exceptional modern kitchen lighting
Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

The lighting in this kitchen quickly draws our attention. The kitchen does its best to put the lighting in the spotlight. The lighting takes on a large, round shape that contains small lamps.

The lighting is gray and white, a cool take on the kitchen that uses brown and white as theme colors. Reading from the first to the eighth idea, it’s not too much to say that this lighting is an exception.

We believe the kitchen spends a lot of money on this lighting.

Innovative modern kitchen lighting

Innovative modern kitchen lighting
Source: greenbrookdesign.com

Another way to instantly grab people’s attention from the lighting segment. In contrast to the ninth tip, this last idea shows an innovative lighting style that amazes us. The lighting also brightens the neutral kitchen atmosphere.

The lighting consists of two lamps with beautiful lid designs. Each of the covers uses a tiered cover. The lamps are located in the glass cover to distribute the beam. At the top of the glass cover you will see another cover.

All are supported by the bracket that hangs from the ceiling.

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