Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Small living room ideas

SMALL LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Not all of us are lucky enough to have a large or enough space for a new living room. Sometimes we only have a tiny part or corner for a living room. But no worry.

There are many types of furniture, decorations, wall colors and room layouts that can transform a mini living room into a stylish one. Another good news is that some don’t require you to spend a huge budget on purchasing space.

Ordinary little living room

Ordinary little living room

Let’s start the little living room ideas with this tip that will give you a few local things to shop for. A sofa set with a table is sometimes enough for your mini living room. The layout is enough for a moment or brings family members together.

The trick to making the ordinary living room chic lies in the furniture style. As the picture shows, you can choose a unique chair, complemented with pillows. Choose dashing colors like lavender or lavender for the pillows to brighten up the area.

A mattress and a wooden table become additional ornaments.

Bright little living room

Bright little living room

Just choose room ornaments and displays that can brighten up your small living room. Yellow and light green are among the top options for renovating the area. Yellow small vases, yellow towels and yellow pillows as seen in the picture are easy to find.

Put candles up to make the room even brighter. A soft couch with two open shelves is an important part of the living room. Complement the already glowing point with mini displays, from books to plants.

The small area is now becoming a living place.

Small living room in shabby chic style

Small living room in shabby chic style.  Source:

A shabby chic model can be applied to your tiny area. The good news is that you can recycle items so creating this model can be tailored to your budget. Some of the reused materials are the aged white lacquered doors that can be used as room decorations instead.

The doors are shabby chic elements because they look worn. Some wooden baskets can later be reused as desks for the white lamp. Choose a white couch with pillows and bolsters for more shabby chic accents.

Voila! The living room is now very cozy to spend free hours.

Elegant little living room

Elegant little living room

With a certain wall color, your small room can become an elegant room. A slightly strong blue can be an indication of the overall concept. Red, purple and green are other fine examples of an elegant ambience. Mix the blue with the white modern couch.

The couch includes the white glass and wood table and two black, innovative desks. Black touch colors the walls, makes the entire room clean and elegant.

From the picture we can conclude that a little bold blue, white and black are good partners for the design of an elegant living room.

Nice modern little living room

Nice modern little living room

Stick to the slogan that your small or large living room is a personal space. Hence, it is understandable that you would place homemade pieces in the area. You can hang up as simple as a piece of white paper with positive words to brighten the days.

Add the space with small rounded desks as seen in the picture. Place fresh wildflowers in green glasses on a white sideboard. A comfortable couch with pillows with a wood pattern is sufficient for comfortable sitting.

With different objects that go well together, the fifth of the ten small living room ideas looks very good.

Beige small living room

Beige small living room.  Source:

Beige is a good color to add a delicate and homely feel to your small living room. Start by painting the wall. Apply beige to the wall and fill the living room floor with beige carpet.

Choose a beige large, comfortable couch together with pastel colored pillows. A wooden table in front of the pillow gives the living room a pleasant feeling. Don’t forget to embellish the plain beige wall with floating storage space

Fill the single line memory with family portraits, letter display and framed world map.

Earth-colored living room corner

Living room corner in earth tone

Show your love for mother earth with a brownish little living room idea. Choose a brown wallpaper or paint the corner wall light brown. Now that the most basic element is complete, it’s time to start looking for a unique seating set.

The photo shows you a nice example. A brown single sofa bed with a brown chair goes very well with the rattan desk with glass. You can also buy a larger rattan table in front of the couch.

When choosing furniture, your little corner is irresistible not to sit on it.

Unique little living room

Unique little living room

The eighth of the overall small living room ideas in this article is pretty out-of-the-box. Not many will consider mixing green with black and gray. As the picture shows, the result of the color combination gives a fresh, dark and elegant little living room.

Gray is used as the wall color of the living room and as one of the pillows. The black element comes from the couch, the chair and the innovative small desk. Tree lamps beautifully arranged in black poles add a modern twist.

Fresh plants, green pillows and a picture of leaves bring a new mode.

Formal small living room

Formal small living room

As the subtopic suggests, this tip invites you to create a formal reception space. Sometimes we only have a limited part of the house to greet friends or guests. So we have to make the spot look conventional but classy.

One of the ways to have a top of the range formal little living room is to use a wooden chair and desk set that you may or may not combine with a couch. Add wooden tables with lamps.

Natural stone as a floor material for the living room underlines the elegance of the room.

Farmhouse small living room

Farmhouse small living room

Usually a farmhouse living room takes up a large space, but you can actually apply the model to a small space that you have. Bamboo material for the floor of the room, wooden doors are good examples of a farmhouse living room.

A fireplace enhances the rustic style. Basically, the country house style requires the selection of natural materials such as wood. White and brown are notable colors for interior design.

From the luxurious to the conventional model, we present you 10 small living room ideas that will inspire you to get creative with any space you have. Small, small or tiny corners are no longer an obstacle for chic and comfortable living rooms.