Minimalist faceted voxel chair

Summer is here and we are spending more and more time outdoors. So if you haven’t picked the right furniture or want to change something, this is a brilliant idea.

The Voxel Chair by Karim Rashid for Vondom is a bold minimalist chair made from a monobloc fiberglass-coated polyurethane. The chair features a striking, faceted design, often seen in Karim Rashid’s designs, at just the right angle for supremacy, with the right folds for beauty and just the few lines that blend and converge for purity. This is a very practical outdoor combination, durable and stable.

The Voxel chair is stackable and available in seven different colours. This makes it perfect for many modern and minimalist outdoor spaces. But when the outdoor season is over, you can also use them indoors. They give your interior a futuristic touch. Get some trendy voxel chairs in different colors for your own deck or patio and enjoy!

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