Apartment in all shades of gray

The concept of simplicity takes various forms and there are endless ways in which architects and interior designers can express this idea. For this apartment from Moscow, Russia, the strategy chosen by Alexey Rozenberg is based on raw materials and gray tones.

Despite a general lack of color, the place doesn’t look bland or drab. Indeed it has a lot of character. The gray interior is surprisingly lively and dynamic. Although all the rooms are monochrome and share basically the same hues, they are individual even when part of an open floor plan. The apartment boasts 160 square meters of living space, all furnished with a range of raw materials, masterfully toned down with a range of smooth and welcoming finishes and complemented by carefully chosen textures and patterns. I love using wood to make the space warmer and cozier. The gray living room is simple while appearing open and intimate at the same time.

Different shades of gray outline key elements throughout the interior design, and different areas are highlighted with different materials and finishes. The bedroom areas welcome warm wooden elements into their interiors, ultimately creating a very welcoming and comfortable ambiance. Check out these pictures and get inspired!

Show apartment 'Shades of Grey' by Ippolito Fleitz Group |  Life.
Custom art from Christian Gray's apartment in Fifty Shades Darker.
Inside Christian Gray's Apartment from 50 Shades of Gray - Lon

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