Male living space design ideas

Male living space design ideas

Male interiors are usually dramatic and sexy, which is why they love girls too and love coming to bachelorette parties. We’ve already found a few examples of masculine bedrooms, home offices and kitchen furniture, but what about one of the main rooms in the house that’s important not only for relaxing but also for guests? A masculine living room is a cool space, no matter what style you prefer, whether you want a strict and laconic space or a colorful and luxurious one. Traditional dark colors and black and white color schemes are always cool, but if you need some color there are some variations in different colors in traditional or Victorian styles. Minimalism and natural materials would make your bachelor’s living room austere and very cool! Check out some more ideas below.

colors and materials

A masculine living room doesn’t always mean a dark one, it can be moody or bright, neutral or whatever you like. Go for a color scheme you’re comfortable with and add a little dark or light accents if you like. Try timeless materials, sexy leather and fur that add a textural touch. Use brick walls or at least a statement wall to make the space feel rougher.

furniture and works of art

First find out what style you prefer: contemporary, minimalist, modern, industrial (very popular with men!) Or another. Choose furniture that suits your decorating style – it can be vintage, elegant and contemporary, cozy mid-century or even refined in metal and wood with a rough industrial flair. Do not forget about accessories such as carpets, curtains, cushions and other items to make your room more welcoming and to highlight its style. The artwork can complete the space or add colorful accents or prints and patterns. How to add a masculine touch to your room with accessories and decor? Choose the right works of art, bold furniture in ungirlish colors and opt for laconic lines and patterns.

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