Glam gold accents and accessories for your interior

If you love luxury and glamorous looks, add golden accents to your interior. Gold is universal for every season and many types of decor, but I think autumn is especially relevant. How can you bring gold and shuffle? Painting wall decals or just a few streaks of gold paint is the easiest idea to decorate the walls. If you don’t want to be radical, do some gold polka dots. Gold textiles look amazing and luxurious: curtains, bedspreads or even rugs are ideal and do not cost much. Gold candle holders, vases, planters, cushions, furniture or just furniture legs are cool to add glamor and chic to your space. Gold goes well with black, red, pink, blue, gray, ivory, or white, so you can mix this color with ease. Enjoy the following ideas and get your pin button ready!