3d pendant lamp

3D printing never ceases to amaze us – so many items can be printed! Today we’re sharing a 3D printed pendant light called the Twist Pendant Light from OliveBird that features a blade design that allows for manual control of the lighting with a simple twist.

The Twist’s 3D printed DNA results in a slightly grainy and matte black nylon plastic finish, a grippy texture that benefits the Twist’s custom design. The amount of light is adjusted by lifting the bottom ring until it touches the top ring, then rotating in opposite directions to open or close the woven screen design. Once the desired amount of light is achieved, the rings are separated to fix the shadow. This is a very functional design, ideal for contemporary spaces and those who love to change objects from time to time.

The Twist is one of several Evan Gant 3D designs sold through the Shapeways 3D Marketplace, including a simpler yet elegant 3D printed pendulum design with no twist mechanism.

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