Living Room Ideas With Accent Chairs

Living room ideas with accent chairs

Living room ideas with accent chairs – It’s almost impossible to call a living room one if you don’t put chairs, a sofa, or a couch in it. A suite consisting of a few sofa chairs plays an important role in a living room.

There are some sofa sets that have been chosen on purpose to create a particular interior design in a living room. Some owners don’t mind spending a large budget on specific sofa sets for the overall design of the living room they want.

We therefore explain the following 10 accent chairs in 10 different living rooms.

Living room with mid-century accent chairs

Living room with mid-century accent chairs

Despite the decade-long void, mid-century furniture design is loved by many interior design enthusiasts. Simple and elegant mid-century furniture, including chairs, has an unusually beautiful design.

Looking at the chairs’ legs is the easiest way to tell if they are part of the mid-century design or not. The same design applies to the coffee table as here. The sofa set in this picture also shows furniture design from the middle of the century.

The sofa looks more minimalist and rectangular with short wooden legs. The entire seating set creates the living room for itself.

Living room with antique chairs

Two armchairs in this formal living room look antique. We can immediately deduce that from the beautiful design of the chair legs. The chairs also use solid wood materials that have a long lifespan.

The chairs give this living room a significant antique feel. The same design can be seen from the wooden table in front of the chairs. Usually the chairs can cost so much due to the strong wood materials.

But we believe the accent chairs will be worth it. Set up the chairs in a formal living area to receive guests or relatives.

Blue-green living room with wing chair


We totally love this special accent chair. The wing chair as you can see in this picture looks stylish and graceful. The high back of the chair covers your entire back. This chair is naturally beautiful. Sitting in the chair makes you feel like a king or queen.

The blue-green wing chair in particular looks so appealing. The chair matches the general blue-green tone of the living room. Complement the chair with a coffee table inspired by the mid-century interior design style.

You can relax in the armchair with a cup of coffee and read a good book.

Peasant living room with rocking chair

Enhance the traditional ambience in your modern living room with a rocking chair, as you can see in the picture. The wooden rocking chair is an icon in the past when our grandfathers sat on it completely relaxed.

Bring the rocking chair into the living room of your farmhouse, whether your home is in a rural area or not. The rocking chair looks beautiful, with a desperate design on the legs. Accompany the rocking chair with a modern sofa set.

The entire suite mixes pretty traditional and modern tones.

Orange living room with a beach chair


The fifth of our living room ideas with accent chairs invites you to show your love for the beach through chairs. It’s easy to decide which of the beach chairs goes with it. Usually chairs that we often see on the beach use algae like this one.

The chair therefore looks classy with soft woods that support the seat. The chair can last longer despite the gentle looking forest. Pay particular attention to orange and white fabrics for the chair that match the overall orange color of the living room.

Armless living room, bulky chair


A bulky chair without armrests offers a relaxing feeling in a living room. The bulky chair itself looks casual. Both adults and toddlers can relax while seated. The armless design also increases the pleasant feeling, as you can sit on it in different positions.

This particular chair goes with the next sofa set that has armrests on the edges. The couple is suitable for formal occasions such as receiving guests. And of course the seating set offers space for a qualified family time together.

Black living room with an innovative accent chair


Two chairs in this black living room look innovative and futuristic. Unlike previous accent chairs, the pair is black and gray. The neutral colors are best for futuristic and modern interior designs.

The chairs also look minimalist and modern. They have a wing back that covers your entire torso. Sitting on one of the chairs can swing in all directions thanks to the chair leg. We believe that the chairs will be lounge chairs in the future.

Glam living room with lounge chairs

Source: Pinterest

This glamorous living room also looks relaxed and peaceful. This is partly due to some lounge chairs with pillows, as you can see here. There are two lounge chairs that you can even stretch your legs on for maximum relaxation.

The lounge chairs seem to be longer than common lounge chairs on the market. This is what distinguishes them from the usual lounge chairs. The special design underlines the intense, relaxing feeling that the chairs want to create.

Who sits on it hopes for peace.

Elegant living room with turquoise accent chairs


By nature, a pair of two chairs doesn’t look special in this picture. They look simple and minimalist. What makes them adorable is the turquoise floral pattern that covers the chairs.

Bright and cheerful, the chairs later become a beautiful pair. The chairs match the sofa set and the throw pillows.

Natural living room with leather armchair

The leather armchair in this living room looks polished and elegant. This chair gives the living room a unique ambience, which looks natural with the plants, the stone-clad fireplace and the wooden floor.

Despite the formal look we usually get from leather armchairs, this one looks relaxed instead. It also includes a beautiful design that applies to its legs. The chair seems to be suitable for relaxed chatting with friends or spouses.

These are our 10 living room ideas with accent chairs if you want to remodel the existing space in your living room or change the chair set. Also, check out these rustic living room ideas for inspiration.


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