Cozy and Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

I admire the peasant style because it’s incredibly cozy and welcoming. Rooms in this style remind me of them often and with pleasure. Today I’ve collected some cool ideas to make your bathroom look like this and I’m sure it won’t cost you much. Widespread use of wood is very popular these days and in a farmhouse bathroom it is a necessity for what kind of farmhouse without wood? A vintage ladder for storage, shabby and rustic signs, rough wood frames – and you’re on your way to a perfect country bathroom! Take a look at the following creative examples and get inspired!

colors and materials

Country style is mainly about neutrals of various kinds: white, creamy white, gray, sand and earth tones, taupe and other shades. You can freshen up grey, sand and taupe tones with off-white to create an inviting look. Modern country bathrooms can be styled with touches of black, chocolate brown and navy blue. Blacklight always adds a touch of drama to any color scheme. The main material that should always be present is wood – even if there is only a vanity and a stool, they are a must. Tiles of varying appearance are also welcome, and concrete can be used in more modern spaces.


As far as furniture and appliances go, it depends on the feel you want to create – a vintage farmhouse bathroom can be decorated with vintage furniture and a claw foot tub, a modern farmhouse bathroom with modern furniture and a shower room. Add framed mirrors, pendant lights and crystal chandeliers, rugs and wooden shelves and there you go!

62 Cozy and Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs - DigsDi
62 Cozy and Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs - DigsDi
29 creative farm style bathroom makeover ideas for your home.

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