Little Cool Patio Decor Ideas

If you are a lucky patio owner, even a small one, this is great – it will be your outdoor oasis! Most homeowners find it quite difficult to design and decorate a small patio, but don’t worry, you can! We are here to help you with some tips and ideas to make your small or even tiny patio the best place on earth.

styles and colors

Decide which decorating style you like best and stick with it. Many homeowners prefer to rock something more relaxed and neutral for the outdoors, like Farmhouse, Modern Casual or Scandinavian, but of course you can choose whatever you want: Vintage, Shabby Chic, Minimalist or else. Choose your color scheme according to style, but remember that small spaces look better in neutrals and pastels as light colors make them appear larger.

materials and textures

To make your space look catchy and cool, especially when done neutrally, you can rock different types of materials: wood, plywood, stone, brick, concrete, metal, wicker, and so on. Go for green walls, climbing plants that will save your space, or at least some potted plants, but don’t overcrowd your patio.

furniture and decor

Furniture on a small patio should be functional: consider making a storage sofa or storage bench with storage and incorporate other solutions like this. Sticking to your chosen style and color scheme, choose appropriate decor to make your space cooler: rugs, throw pillows, assorted throws, and candle lanterns.