Update your bathroom on a budget

A bathroom is a very commonly used space that represents your personal oasis of relaxation and purity. Would you like to renovate it a bit? There are countless ways to remodel a bathroom, change tiles and install new and luxurious appliances. But what if you don’t want to break the bank? Then go for a budget-friendly bathroom makeover and I have some ideas on how to do it easily.

Paint walls / wallpaper

Grab some paint and repaint the walls – this is a budget friendly and very simple idea to change the look of your bathroom. It can be a partially painted and partially tiled bathroom wall or a fully painted one. Swing wallpaper in bathrooms and mudguards are a hot and trendy idea and you can opt for a statement wallpaper wall or partially cover the walls to make a stylish and edgy statement.

Change the vanity

Changing a vanity in a bathroom easily gives it a new and fresh look. So consider buying or making a vanity for your space. You can make a statement with color, texture, or both, adding metallic legs and a stylish countertop to cool the look. If you don’t want to spend money on a new vanity, you can always repaint the existing one or keep it and go for a completely different color. Changing countertops is also a good idea, but if the vanity is small, it will have less of an impact.

Change the sink

A sink can make a statement in both a bathroom and a powder room. It can be made from stone, marble, wood, glass, porcelain and metal and the number of looks is endless. Rough concrete, transparent glass, painted porcelain, hammered metal and even rough stone – you can rock anything you want!

Replace accessories

Stock up on chic accessories, containers, planted greenery and other items to add more wow to your bathroom. Add candles and place a caddy over the bathtub for relaxing bath time. Unify the look of the room with the same containers for the entire product and bring in a chic textured rug. Such small details make every room amazing.

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