Inspiring ideas for designing a powder room

While a powder room is usually quite small, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be large. It’s a great addition to your home when your friends stay over from time to time. If it were near your room, you wouldn’t be surprised in the dark when you look for it and stumble over your precious furniture.

We would like to share with you some things to consider when designing a powder room. It requires no storage, natural light is not usually a priority. All you need is a toilet itself, a small sink, and a single chandelier. But you might also want to decorate it with style. Cool wallpaper, a fancy sink, a gorgeous chandelier and probably a small cabinet under the sink are all options. We’ve rounded up a range of powder room designs to help you choose.

wall decoration

Printed wallpaper is a hot idea to decorate walls, and powder rooms are no exception – you can go for any that will make that small space stand out. You can go for a statement wall with wallpaper and add shiplap and panels to the other walls, or mix wallpaper with tiles or anything else you like. Concrete walls work well in minimalist and industrial spaces, and tiles can be creative too – inspired by wood or stone. Create any combination that suits your powder room style and colors.

furniture and appliances

The only piece of furniture you’ll typically see in a powder room is a vanity, although it may not be there either. A vanity should be very slim, wall mounted or lightweight. You can skip the vanity and opt for a wall mounted sink if space is tight. When you need storage, open up the shelves, use your vanity, or build a built-in unit somewhere in the walls. If you have a large powder room, you can add a large closet for storage or opt for a large vanity with plenty of storage space.

lights and decor

We don’t usually see windows in the powder rooms, although there can be some with frosted glass meaning you don’t get much light here. So watch out for the lights. Built-ins are always great for small spaces. If you wish, you can also opt for pendant lights or even chandeliers to match your toilet style. For decor, you can try a gallery wall, potted plants, signs, and possibly a framed mirror to match the style. Add storage baskets if space allows, or place crates on the shelves above the toilet. Get inspired!