Geometric lighting collection

Geometry is trendy and bold, designers and architects are emphasizing geometric lines, shapes and looks that can go anywhere. The geometry fits easily with many decorating styles, from modern and minimalist to boho-chic and rustic. Today we present a bold collection of lights that explore both form and shape, and those shapes and forms are accented with super bold hues.

Melbourne-based Milligram Studio with One Design Office presents FORM, which evokes a sense of playfulness thanks to the juxtaposition of primary forms. Smaller spherical spheres rest in carved notches on the geometric bases, which come in four matte colors – black, white, pink and teal. Available in three shapes – cylinder, rectangle and triangle – the FORM lamps can be used individually or in groups to create a modern yet timeless arrangement. I love the simplicity of the design and the straight lines and statement colors. Suitable from workspaces to bedrooms – add a chic and edgy touch of geometry to your interior with these cool yet simple lamps!

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