Equilibrium Furniture Collection connects people

EQUILIBRIUM is a project by Maria Dal Canto and Lena Holzer that explores three outdoor objects in gardens and parks – benches, loungers and picnic tables. This collection was created to connect people and start a conversation. You’ll soon see why.

The collection includes a chaise longue, bench and table with simple iron frames that tend to recede into the background with the red rope in the spotlight. When not in use, the rope remains slack with gentle curves waiting to embrace the sitter.

If a person sits alone, they either fall through or are too uncomfortable to sit due to too much rope. When two people are seated, the rope is split and both parties balance it for comfort. If someone prefers to sit alone, they can always untie the knot at one end to tighten the rope.

Balance Picnic Table Wood Finishes Red Ropes Metal Frames A.
Balance Picnic Table Metal Frame Red Ropes Wooden Surfaces.
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