Kitchen Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Kitchen ceiling lighting ideas

KITCHEN CEILING LIGHTING IDEAS – Kitchen ceiling lighting is becoming increasingly popular these days in line with modern kitchen style. Some choose this lighting concept to keep their kitchen spacious for reasons of space.

Others use this lighting model because they want to experiment with the ceilings in their kitchen. They see the blankets as a means of experimentation. This creates rich types of kitchen ceiling lights. Some of these can be seen below.

Fitted kitchen ceiling lighting

Fitted kitchen ceiling lighting

Probably the most famous kitchen ceiling lighting concept that you see often. This lighting style fits in a narrow kitchen, as can be seen in this picture. The entire kitchen is kept simple and spacious thanks to the built-in ceiling lights.

That is a big advantage of this lighting model. This kitchen even applies a similar idea to the range hood. You can see the three built-in lights on the range hood. They provide additional beams that are not created by the main built-in beams.

Contact professionals to include incorporation into your kitchen plan.

Elaborate kitchen ceiling lighting


We can describe this kitchen ceiling lighting as generous, although it uses the simple design. We believe that the overhead lighting in the kitchen uses high quality material that is turned into a large and circular material with the tiny lamps that surround it.

The small lamps become the other beam source than the built-in lamps above the kitchen cupboard in the upper part. The ceiling uses a short bracket that hangs slightly from the ceiling. The kitchen chooses gray and white for lighting.

No argument about the size of the lights immediately robs us of our attention.

Lively kitchen ceiling lighting


Decorate your outdoor area with a kitchen ceiling light that looks vibrant in this picture. This idea is easy to implement. Lots of small lightbulbs hang so close to the wooden kitchen ceiling.

All the wooden kitchen ceilings are almost covered by the small light bulbs. After switching on, all lamps look lively, especially if you supplement the lamps with the round pendant lamp. The outdoor kitchen becomes an outdoor area for small parties.

You can create this concept yourself. However, be careful when attaching the lamps to the cord.

Traditional kitchen ceiling lighting


Another way to create a cool model for the ceiling lamp in the kitchen. This time around, this outdoor kitchen takes on a traditional lighting style that takes shape in the two lanterns. The lanterns hang on the wooden ceiling on the left side of the kitchen.

The lanterns choose the iconic traditional cover. Inside you can place the lamps in place of the fire as it contains the real traditional lighting. The ceiling lighting mode adapts to the overall style of the outdoor kitchen, which copies the traditional model.

You can feel it in the wooden cupboards and the red brick kitchen wall.

Simple kitchen ceiling lighting


Similar to the third idea, small light bulbs are used in this kitchen ceiling lighting. This fifth idea uses a much simpler lighting method than the previous one. Only one cable line is used which contains some lamps.

Of course, the number of lightbulbs is much less than the number in the third recommendation. The light bulbs are in the central part of the kitchen, just above the coffee bar.

The light bulbs are enough to illuminate the outdoor kitchen when it gets dark. The simple lighting model is aimed at enhancing the luxurious shade of the kitchen.

Studio style ceiling lighting


It looks innovative and adorable. A modern kitchen opens up endless experiments through to ideas for kitchen ceilings. You can try showcasing iconic studio lamps in your minimalist kitchen as this picture shows.

The lighting unit consists of four small light bulbs with the legendary studio cover. The entire unit is attached to the kitchen ceiling. The lighting unit is divided into two parts that produce bright rays when switched on.

During the day, the kitchen relies on the large windows for natural light.

CCTV-inspired kitchen ceiling lighting


Direct your gaze to the corner to the right of this picture. There is a small lamp sitting there, inspired by the video surveillance that we often see. The lamp is directed towards the upper part of the kitchen where the antique decorations can be seen.

Although only a small lamp, we are interested in the type of lighting. We applaud the idea of ​​the lamp that uses the short holder that focuses on the decorations instead of looking down.

This kitchen certainly needs this one lamp, because there is already the pendant lamp and the entrance lamp.

Large fitted kitchen ceiling lights


Some of you can try this particular fitted kitchen overhead lighting. This model consists of a large lamp that can create bright rays to illuminate the entire kitchen. This can be an alternative to many small built-in lighting concepts for kitchen ceilings.

The large recessed luminaire supports the hanging, sophisticated lighting that falls directly over the sink.

Cool kitchen ceiling lighting


We hope you can see the kitchen ceiling lights clearly. The lighting unit consists of two lamps with transparent covers. We are very interested in the concept. With the transparent covers, the beam can boast of illuminating the entire kitchen.

The good news about this idea is that you can do it yourself. Just prepare the lamps and covers to buy or reuse as shown in the picture.

Mild kitchen ceiling lighting


Our last suggestion applies to the built-in model of the kitchen ceiling lighting. An outstanding factor that distinguishes this idea from the previous one because of the ceiling material. This special ceiling material looks delicate in white.

The ceiling lighting consists of two built-in lamps that also look white. The ceiling color results from the kitchen cabinet in the upper part and the kitchen wall. With this concept, the ceiling lighting has a sensitive effect.

We hope our list can inspire you to experiment with kitchen ceiling lighting models.


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