Dining room decor trends 2020

You may find separate dining rooms gone but not! And even if you don’t have a separate room for this, you probably have a dining area somewhere. How can you make it look fresh, current and very 2020-esque?

round tables

If you are looking for a new dining table, choose a round one. Round tables are smaller, more intimate, and blend easily into the space—a good idea for those who want to integrate the dining area into another room. Your dining area will be cozier and more welcoming with a round table.


Benches mean you have more seating, and that’s exactly what we need! They blend in well with the rest of the room and create a cohesive look. Depending on the look of the benches, choose a rustic style when choosing wood styles or other styles.

Colorful chairs

2020 is all about color – monochromatic, bold and expressive, and we’re seeing that in dining rooms too. Colorful chairs, stools and benches are just the thing to give your dining area a fresh and modern feel. You can rock mismatched ones to make the look even bolder and 2020-like.

Mix and match

All your furniture and decorations don’t have to be the same. In fact, it’s all about seamlessly mixing and matching the pieces. Choose a statement and work on it. It’s about taking that element and working it across the room for a fresh, almost relaxed approach. Walk in the room for a natural flow and it will look ultra modern.


Plants always have a special place in the home as they not only provide filtered air, remove airborne allergens, but also add color and texture. As the general trend is to bring green indoors, houseplants are a must. The touch isn’t just about adding a plant or two, it’s about embracing the space, removing awkward corners, and bringing in as many plants as possible. It adds thick, rich texture and brings the room to life.