Dawn To Dusk Lamps

We continue to share bold and eye-catching light sources, and today’s spotlight is Dawn to Dusk by Haberdashery.

Dubbed Dawn to Dusk, the lamps each have a flat disc-shaped light source that slides up and down a central black stem on a weighty triangular base. As the disc-shaped light source climbs the stem, the color of the light changes from a low-intensity red through orange and warm white to a bright white light meant to emulate the midday sun. The manually controlled light source is in an off position at the base of the stem.

The disc can also be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the lamp to be used as a forward facing work light. When turned towards the wall, it creates ambient light. The lamps are controlled by custom mechanical and electrical components built into the lamp’s stem and head. The only standard component used in the design is the wall mounted driver.

It can also help support our circadian rhythms – a soft warm light can be used to wake up, a bright light can be used to focus and the oranges and reds can be used to help relax and fall asleep in the evening.

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