Cozy and comfortable Scandinavian bedroom designs

Scandi style? Yes, please! Nordic bedrooms may seem cold, but they are not because many accessories make them look very cozy. The main feature of all these bedrooms is the color scheme – it is neutral and white is the main colour; Black, green, gray and many other colors can be added, but the atmosphere is still calm. Scandinavian style can be very different: add some wood, an old-fashioned stove and retro accessories – and here you have vintage style. For a warm impression, choose fluffy animal skins, square patterns and warm bedspreads. Check out more ideas below and choose yours!


All sorts of neutrals are great for Scandinavian bedrooms – white, cream, light grey, brown and so on. You can also go for darker shades of gray and black for a monochromatic space and add some drama to your decor. If dark tones aren’t your thing, opt for pastels to freshen up the look of the bedroom – bedding, curtains, accessories and rugs can go a long way. Wood in different tones – preferably neutral – adds color and texture.


Are you looking for furniture that has the style you want to add – is it boho, rustic or farmhouse? Considering this style, choose the most comfortable bed in the world! A bed is the main piece in any bedroom and should be as comfortable as possible. If you add bedside tables, you can opt for floating chairs, vintage chairs or ottomans instead. You can also add some sideboards, dressers, and other storage units if you have the space for them. Sconces and some hanging lightbulbs add to the ambiance, and a traditional Scandinavian stove creates a cozy atmosphere.


Artworks of all kinds, potted greenery to freshen up the room, rugs, flowers and other accessories liven up the bedroom and make it much cozier than before. Choose the decor and accessories according to the style you want to add – rustic, glam, boho, mid-century modern and so on. Enjoy!