Best Colorful Interior Design Ideas

Best Colorful Interior Design Ideas

Yes, neutral tones are really tempting. They are, after all, a classic choice. However, incorporating bold pops of color into a room can produce equally chic results. When used correctly, these colors are also a real eye-catcher. Bring life to any boring room by opting for colorful interior design. Read on to discover the different ways pops of color can brighten up your home!

For anyone unfamiliar with the basic rules, creating colorful interiors may seem daunting. How do you decide which colors of the year look timeless or which shades create a harmonious atmosphere? Once you know these principles, identifying and choosing the best hues for each room is a breeze.

Stick to the following advice to create brilliant spaces that pack a punch:

Consider the impact of color psychology in interior design: Colors have the power to influence your mood. Think about the atmosphere you want in a room and then paint and decorate it accordingly.

Follow the 60-30-10 rule: It’s really easy. Paint 60% of a room the desired color. The next 30% of the room should be a color complementary to the first. Finally, the remaining 10% should be another unique color that contrasts with the other two.
Play with patterns and textures: Use patterns and textures to bring out the same hue in different ways. Not only will it be visually interesting, but it will also add depth to the interior.

Be calm with imperfection: don’t let finding elements in the same tone become an obsession. Variety and contrast are good! They add character and warmth. Rooms in which everything is perfectly coordinated look beautiful, but often appear unfriendly.
Use Contrasting Tones: People often fear that contrasting tones will conflict. However, they actually create impressive yet harmonious spaces. A good way to identify contrasting colors is to look at a color wheel. The opposing shades go well together.