Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas We’re Currently Coveting

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas We’re Currently Coveting

Your bedroom walls are boring. They are painted in one color and while they are pretty, they are not very exciting. It’s time to update your space with these bedroom wallpaper ideas. Thanks to modern technology and innovation, today’s wallpaper is no longer what you know from the past.

These easy-to-apply papers will transform your walls as if you had commissioned an artist to create a custom design. Others transform your home into a new structure with textures like brick, stone and wood.

Whether you’re covering all of your walls or creating an accent wall, these modern wallpaper ideas are perfect for giving your bedroom a fresh, new charm.

1. Elegant tones

When choosing wall color, dark colors are often skipped. But that doesn’t do your bedroom any favors. Whether you have a large or small bedroom, you can create dark walls.

Darker wallpaper can transform your bedroom into a sleek and elegant or modern bedroom. If you are afraid of turning your bedroom into a dark pit, then use the dark wallpaper only on one or two walls.

The trick to getting this look is to choose the perfect wallpaper. Go dark with a textured black. It could look like suede, leather or cork. This will prevent the black wallpaper from looking like a void.

Another option is to choose dark wallpaper with a light pattern. Here’s how you can try out the darker look without completely committing. The lighter color pattern balances out the darker color and prevents your bedroom from looking too moody.

dark forest wallpaper, brown bedside table, black lamp
Rustic nursery with bunk bed and framed teepee wall art
Fake wall stickers for children's room
Black wooden floor in the bedroom
Black abstract carpet for bedroom with large bed
Blue bedroom, wooden bed, blue seat lamp

2. Timeless charm

Exposed brick is stunning and will add a sense of authenticity to your bedroom decor. But not all of us are lucky enough to live in a home that features traditional exposed brick or wood paneling.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this look. You could install brick or panels as an accent wall, but installation can be expensive and time-consuming.

Add a vintage touch to your bedroom design with wallpaper that looks like brick or wood paneling. The beauty of this solution is that it is cheaper than real bricks and wooden panels. In addition, the installation is much easier.

To achieve the best possible result, invest in high-quality wallpaper. It should have a large pattern to minimize pattern repetition. Some background images have texture. This creates the illusion of authenticity, making people think you have real bricks or wood on your wall.

Wood Paneling Rustic Bedroom Wall Art Ottoman
Textured Pink Wall Hanger Platform Bed
white brick wallpaper, blue bed, wooden desk
Faux Wood Paneling Bedroom Wall Antler Wall Art Bedroom Shelf
White Fake Brick Wall Modern Gray Bedroom Carpet
Fake Brick Wall Basement Bedroom Shelves Breaking Bad Poster
Graffiti wallpaper in children's room, hanging guitars, black bookshelf
Fake carpet made of animal fur in the bedroom with white brick walls

3. Blooming Beauty

When you think of floral wallpaper, think of the old-fashioned wallpaper in your grandmother’s dining room or powder room. If you like the look of traditional wallpaper then this is the perfect choice. It is a small pattern that repeats endlessly across the entire wall. You can find it in countless colors and floral variations.

Not all of us want our walls to look like our grandmothers. That doesn’t mean you have to forego a floral design. Modern trends forego repeating patterns and instead opt for large-scale design.

This wallpaper will have a handful of oversized flowers taking up the entire wall space. The entire design takes up the entire wall so it is not repetitive. Some other designs combine other trends, such as fine lines or geometric shapes. This modernizes a traditional floral pattern.

Floral wallpaper bedroom yellow couch
Floral bedroom wallpaper, white bed
Floral wallpaper, bedroom, orange bed, LED ceiling lighting
Floral wallpaper bedroom christmas tree pink bedspread

4. Playful pleasures

Have fun decorating your children’s rooms. Don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t add some whimsy or humor. You can achieve this by choosing wallpaper with a unique pattern. Choose a wallpaper with flowers, stars or clouds for your girl’s bedroom and animals, cars, a sea theme or even bananas for your boy’s bedroom.

This is your chance to choose interior design ideas that wouldn’t fit in any other room in your home. Get your kids involved by choosing a wallpaper that features some of their favorite things. Maybe they have a favorite animal that you could place anywhere on the wallpaper. Or maybe they have a favorite color that you could have used anywhere on the wallpaper.

Your child’s tastes and interests change relatively quickly. So don’t choose wallpaper and expect it to stay on the walls for the next ten years. Peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for this application. You peel off the protective film and stick it to the wall. Then when you want to remove it, peel it off.

Wallpapers for the children's room with houses
Floral wallpaper for baby room, white cot, orange teepee
Tiger wallpaper, baby room, cot, woolly mammoth teddy
Blue Nursery Cloud Wall Art Chandelier
Animal wallpaper boys bedroom white bed gray seat toy car
Star wallpaper, children's room, storage space under the bed, white cupboard
Nursery star wallpaper pink potted plant
Stripe wall paper, children's room, drums, hanging ladder, wall art

5. Artistic wonders

Modern wallpaper trends transform your empty white walls into accent walls with large-format motifs. Since this wallpaper is size dependent, you must order it individually for the size of your wall. The mural is a single, non-repeating pattern that takes up the entire wall.

Typically, wallpaper murals create a scene, such as a forest landscape, the beach or a cityscape. It can be black and white or full color. Some have a photorealistic design, while others look more like works of art. Watercolor designs are popular in modern design trends. They use soft colors that complement a variety of interior design approaches.

You will notice that these designs are usually on removable wallpaper. This makes it ideal for tenants who need to remove it at the end of their rental period. They are also great for people who want to change and modernize their home regularly.

Sky mural, modern bedroom
Street wall bedroom wallpaper
Sky ceiling, murals, green walls, bedroom, study
Modern Bedroom Forest Wall Art Monkey Platform Bed
Jungle bedroom mural
Underwater Scene Bedroom Mural for Cot Bed

6. The serenity of nature

Adding natural elements to your bedroom can create a calming effect. This is nice because you can enjoy the colors green without having to worry about plants. Maybe you choose a design with a calming forest with mist and treetops. Or perhaps you go for a nautical design that features the deep sea with large creatures swimming on the wall.

Place this eye-catching wallpaper behind your headboard. If that sounds too much for your bedroom, why not try it in your guest room? Combine your bedroom’s wallpaper design with the rest of the room.

Tropical palm trees can look beautiful with wicker, rattan or light wood furniture. A nautical wallpaper goes perfectly with teak furniture. A vintage-inspired nature scene can look elegant with Victorian or Baroque-inspired furniture.

Forest wallpaper floating bed
Nature inspired bedroom wallpaper, green velvet headboard, brown door
Pink floral wallpaper, wooden four-post bed
Fern Wallpaper Small Bedroom Framed Wall Art
Forest wallpaper bedroom shelf potted plants

7. Creative flair

When it comes to patterns, there is a stunning range of options for your wallpaper. Which pattern you choose depends entirely on your taste, your sense of style and the look you want to create in your room.

There are striped wallpapers for a simple design. Or you could use a patterned wallpaper for a more eye-catching design. A geometric pattern gives your bedroom a modern feel by embracing minimalist trends.

Think about how the pattern will change the atmosphere of your room. A vertical stripe makes the walls appear higher than they actually are. In contrast, horizontal stripes make the room appear longer.

Wallpaper patterns come in different scales, such as a thin stripe less than an inch wide or a stripe several inches wide. A geometric pattern might mimic a penny tile with a small shape that repeats hundreds of times. Or they could be triangles that are a foot or more long and therefore only repeat a few times.

If you choose a vibrant pattern on the wall, you will ensure that the other elements of the other room are less busy. While some patterns complement each other, this is a delicate balance and requires skill to be successful. It is safer to use solid colors in the colors used in the wallpaper.

Stripped wallpaper, Atlas ceiling art, mounted wall shelves, pattern, floor carpet
Pattern bedroom wallpaper colorful bedspread dog
Bedroom wallpaper with geometric pattern, large wardrobe, small bed
Pattern Bedroom Wallpaper World Map Wall Art Large White Cabinet
Pattern bedroom wallpaper modern study black desk gray couch
Sample bedroom wallpaper white wall shelves
Triangle pattern bedroom wallpaper, gray carpet
Sample bedroom wallpaper, four post bed, ottoman, silver cabinet

8. Printed perfection

Enjoy the look of a repeating pattern on your walls. Instead of choosing traditionally printed floral or damask wallpaper, choose one with a modern print. You can use this patterned wallpaper in your master, children’s or guest room.

Choose a pattern or print that complements the room’s design. Consider the wallpaper design from all aspects such as color, print and scale. You don’t want to choose a print that is too small and repeats itself too often on the wall. This will look overwhelming. It’s also not good to choose too large a print; it doesn’t repeat itself often enough and looks out of place.

Most prints have a limited number of colors, such as two or three. This limits the color palette of the wallpaper. You can then use these colors throughout the room for a cohesive design. Choose a base color that will become the main color in the room. Then select the secondary color in the paper that will become the accent color in the room.

Print bedroom wallpaper, black wooden furniture, wooden floors
Print bedroom wallpaper, modern bedroom, tile floor, black seat
Floral print bedroom wallpaper, wooden floor, green bed
Printed bedroom wallpaper, gray bedside table, potted plants
Peacock bedroom wallpaper
Print bedroom wallpaper, colorful wall art, vintage closet
Gray bedroom print wallpaper, ottoman, gray chair
Modern Bedroom Tile Floor Large Window Pattern Wallpaper Design

9. Subtle sophistication

Not every wallpaper has to be an eye-catching statement that becomes an eye-catcher in the room. Some wall coverings are intended to provide a soft and subtle background for your other decorating ideas. Wallpapers in pastel colors are perfect for this.

They are light and bright, making the entire room feel brighter and larger. The subtle color is softer than a stark white, adding warmth to the room.

Be careful when choosing your pastel color. You don’t want to choose wallpaper that will give your bedroom the impression of a child’s room. Choose one with a sophisticated pattern to make the lighter color appear more mature. It could have a geometric, floral or abstract pattern. You can also choose a lighter color that is not associated with children’s rooms, such as sage green.

Green Bird Wallpaper Country Style Bedroom Ottoman
Circle wallpaper for baby room, white wall shelves for cots
modern bedroom, gray wallpaper, framed art
Pink bird wallpaper, attic bedroom window, white lamps
simple printed wallpaper for white cupboards in the children's room
simple star wallpaper, pink curtains, wall shelf
Pattern wallpaper, large white bed floor carpet
Modern bedside tables with print wallpaper and gold accents
High ceiling fireplace with green pattern in the attic

10. Shimmer and shine bedroom wallpaper ideas

Metallic colors are ubiquitous in modern design trends. Therefore, it’s no surprise that metallic wallpapers are popping up. You’ll find it in everything from delicate silver and rose gold to pure gold and bronze. Embrace modern trends with a geometric design or opt for something unique, like a cursive font or a nature-inspired pattern.

Adding a touch of metal to your master bedroom walls will give them a sense of sophistication and elegance. Mix up your trends and use a dark wallpaper highlighted with metallic accents. This creates a stunning bedroom design as the two contrast. For a soft and feminine feel, choose pastel pink and metallic paper. This would be perfect for a girls room.

Animal wallpaper with metallic prints, mirror in the children's room
Wall lettering and bed cushions in gold metallic
Pattern wallpaper modern bedroom
modern bedroom, gray bed, couch, tree lighting
Rustic bedroom with four post beds and chains, gray carpet
Luxury Framed Photo Wall Art Pattern Wallpaper for Bedroom

11. Tactile elegance

Adding more structure to your modern bedroom will prevent it from looking monotonous and boring. The texture makes the room feel warm, inviting and cozy. It also breaks up the space to create depth and visual interest.

Textured wallpaper could have a subtle linen look and would be perfect for covering any walls in your bedroom. On the other end of the spectrum, you could have a bold crocodile structure. Somewhere in the middle are textures like embossing, flocking, 3D, plastic, or even faux fur.

If you are considering textured wallpaper in your bedroom ideas, keep in mind that applying this wallpaper can be difficult. You want the texture to line up with the wall. Otherwise, your eye will be drawn to the mismatched texture and negatively distract from the rest of the room.

Textured mustard wall, white carpet, white desk, white curtains
Elegant bedroom with gray walls, framed faux silver bedside tables
Blue pattern wallpaper, gray bed chandelier
Children's bedroom ottoman with a sports motif
Animal skin wall pattern wallpaper for bedroom
Textured blue four post bed stone wall wallpaper
Luxury Penthouse Bedroom Balcony Wall Art
Luxury bedroom with framed faux silver next to tables

Frequently asked questions about bedroom wallpaper

What calming colors are there for a bedroom?

Calming colors for a bedroom create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Soft blues, pale greens and light grays are popular options. These colors have calming properties that can promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Also consider shades like muted lavender or soft beige. Keep in mind that the amount of natural light in your bedroom can affect the effect of these colors. Therefore, it’s a good idea to test color samples on your walls before making a final decision.

How do I choose a color that matches my bedroom decor?

When choosing a color to match your bedroom decor, consider the existing color scheme and style. Pay attention to the colors of your furniture, bedding, curtains and other decorative elements. A good approach is to choose a paint color that either matches one of the existing colors or complements them on the color wheel. If your decor features a lot of patterns or bold colors, a neutral color like beige or soft gray can create a balanced background that will make your decor pop.

How to use color accent walls in a bedroom?

Accent walls can add visual interest and depth to a bedroom. If you are using accent walls with paint, choose a wall that will serve as a focal point, such as the wall behind the headboard of the bed. Choose a color that contrasts or complements the main wall color, making sure it doesn’t overwhelm the room. This is a great opportunity to incorporate bolder or darker shades that you like but may not want to use on all walls. Consider patterns like stripes or geometric patterns for added impact. Remember that the accent wall should harmonize with the overall color scheme and decor of the room.