Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Ideas for kitchen splashbacks made of marble

MARBLE KITCHEN BACK WALL IDEAS – Backsplash concepts for marble kitchens come from marble, one of those natural stones that look shiny and fresh. This material is known to be sturdy and durable.

You need to set aside a large budget to create a marble kitchen splashback for your kitchen. So you can enjoy the ultimate feeling of freshness that guarantees you a long service life. No frequent changes due to slight damage.

Retouched kitchen back wall made of marble

Retouched kitchen back wall made of marble

White marble is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the backsplash concept for marble kitchens. Fresh and pure white marble can be covered from top to bottom (kitchen countertop) as you can see here.

This style is for those of you on a budget. In particular, this backsplash design chooses white marble with brownish scratches that look so abstract. This turns out to be sonically compatible with the kitchen hood.

If you prefer a large cover like this picture, you can enjoy a remarkable appearance throughout the kitchen.

Cool kitchen splashback made of marble


For those of you who like a lively atmosphere, this marble design is a great choice. This white marble contains many blue lines and scratches. This alone makes the backsplash look lively and happy. The backsplash does not cover the entire room.

If you look again, the backsplash actually matches the kitchen countertop, drawers, and sink. They all look elegant in blue. With this tip you will learn how to match the color of the back wall and the kitchen equipment.

That can lead you to certain theme colors as you can see on this kitchen.

Feeling of light, marble kitchen back wall


White marble in this picture does not break. The material contains soft, gray lines that can be described as a variation for this kitchen splashback. Contrary to the previous idea which has noticeable scratches, the third one shows the smooth lines for you.

As such, the marble feels light on the eyes. Fresh and pure, the kitchen splashback adds square white marble with the same pattern that is attached to the main splashback. Hence, the entire backsplash doesn’t look easy.

The backsplash corresponds to the concept of the kitchen, which uses minimalist design in a shade of white.

Subway style marble kitchen splashback


You can choose a subway-style white marble for your kitchen splashback for a more modern look. We hope you can see the differences between white marble and modern subway tile. You can tell different light levels between the two, right?

This marble doesn’t look as elegant as modern subway tiles. Additionally, each white marble in this backsplash contains many large shapes that match those of their counterparts. The two make the white marble graceful and of course fresher.

With the soft gray scratches, the white marble becomes good company for the gray cupboards and gray drawers.

All right, kitchen splashback made of marble


Classic and strong, this kitchen splashback is made of solid white marble. You can see this powerful feature in this picture. The white marble has small, soft, black scratches that serve as a variation for the backsplash.

The marble seems clear that you can look at the marble. We believe that the purchase of the marble is quite expensive. This selection offers luxurious and elegant feelings that emerge from this kitchen due to the cabinets and stool.

If you want a minimalist yet glamorous kitchen, you can go for this particular type of marble.

Warm back wall from marble kitchen


In addition to white, brownish marble is an option for a warm atmosphere for your planned kitchen rear wall. Incidentally, this recommendation is similar to the second option in that both choose marble that goes well with the stools and cabinets in the kitchen.

While the second idea chooses blue, this picture shows that the kitchen is taking up brown as a theme color. The kitchen uses brownish marble for the backsplash. The marble doesn’t look noticeable in brown. The marble is cut into large rectangular tiles.

The marbles look soft in brown, a cool companion for the stool and the cupboards in dark brown.

Unique kitchen back wall made of marble


We come back with white marble. This time, we recommend that you apply hexagonal white marble for the backsplash. This shape is quite unique when compared to the square, rectangular, or simple marbles discussed above.

This backsplash in particular looks so eye-catching in white. Black lines can still be seen in the backsplash. In the already white kitchen, the backsplash enhances a pure tone that fills the air in this area.

Sweet kitchen back wall made of marble


This kitchen splashback uses white marble that is later shaped like bubbles. The white marble looks whitish and gray with gray lines. With the two aspects, the backsplash looks cute and neutral.

The backsplash offers a suitable variation for the kitchen, which appears white from the kitchen worktop and the cupboards.

We call the variant fair, as no conspicuous colored marble is chosen for this back wall for kitchen equipment.

Abstract marble kitchen back wall


This kitchen rear wall combines white marble with black scratches, which later make the entire rear wall appear abstract. The black scratches occupy a dominant place within the backsplash.

This design makes the backsplash more of a black and white backsplash concept. The backsplash brings black and white together that become theme colors for this kitchen. The whole kitchen looks graceful and minimalist later.

Broken kitchen back wall made of marble


We’re ending this list of marble kitchen backsplash ideas with white marble again. This kitchen splashback is different from the earlier ideas as white marble appears broken in this splashback.

The white marble is cut into rectangular tiles. The gray scratches and lines make the white marble look like it’s broken or damaged. The peculiar look matches the appearance of the entire kitchen, where gray is used in both dark and light shades.

You can recognize this gray ambience by the cupboards, drawers and stools.

Despite being relatively expensive, marble can give the ultimate fresh feel, last longer, and have rich variations. This makes us understand that some homeowners prefer to use marble back panels that cover a large space.


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