Dark Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Backsplash ideas for dark kitchens

DARK KITCHEN BACK WALL IDEAS – Isn’t it going to be a gloomy sight for a kitchen that practices dark kitchen splashbacks? This can only happen if you add simple, strong tiles or wallpaper for the entire kitchen back wall.

The truth is, dark kitchen splashbacks can look cool and alluring. You can get this feeling through a few tips that include color choices and materials. Read until this article is complete to find out how this can be done.

Fresh, dark kitchen back wall

Fresh, dark kitchen back wall
Source: kitchendecorpad.com

You don’t have to stick to black when you think of a dark kitchen splashback. What you need to remember is a dark shade. Take this instance. You can choose a dark shade of green as the backsplash.

The backsplash uses a simple and pretty design with a dark shade of green as the main color. You can choose a wallpaper to save money or opt for the tile shown here. Lighter or darker shade, green always the top color for a fresh bringer.

The backsplash actually goes with a dark shade that comes from the floating wood shop here.

Luminous, dark kitchen rear wall

Source: diydecorstore.com

For a naturally shiny supplier, choose copper. No need to paint, copper brings you luminous properties that won’t fade over time. This backsplash especially chooses a dark copper tone.

But the backsplash stays glowing, especially in the white kitchen as seen in this picture. In addition, the backsplash contains curvatures within the copper sheet. This adds a bit of color to the simple looking kitchen.

This material is quite expensive compared to tile wallpaper. So you have to set aside extra money.

Eye-catching, dark kitchen rear wall

Source: blankslatesd.com

Are you looking for something dramatic for the backsplash idea in the kitchen? Combine two strong colors, red and black, as the dominant colors for the backsplash. The ambience can be bolder and more dramatic when you opt for dark brown wood furniture, as this picture shows.

The backsplash applies the mosaic style that uses small colored tiles. In addition to red and black, you can see the yellow-orange-colored small tile in the backsplash. The small tiles create a slightly lively tone. Black and red tiles attract more attention.

In this kitchen, the backsplash shows dark feelings in a creative way.

Noble, dark kitchen rear wall

Source: diydecorstore.com

Dark kitchen splashbacks are not always associated with simple or ordinary patterns. Our fourth idea introduces you to a beautiful copper pattern that will become the backsplash for this kitchen.

Each of the copper tiles includes a beautiful design that doesn’t look too complicated. The backsplash takes on a dark copper tone. The upstand fills the empty space between the cabinet and worktop.

In this relatively small area, the backsplash shines between the white lights and the worktop.

Wonderful, dark kitchen splashback

Source: Pinterest

Choose a dark shade of blue for a gorgeous and elegant feel for a dark ambience for a backsplash. This picture gives you a nice example of this. The backsplash uses this special shade of blue for a dark shade.

The backsplash uses cut, rectangular tiles arranged in a distorted order. The arrangement will be a beautiful sight. It turns out that the backsplash matches the theme color of the entire kitchen.

From the cabinets to the drawers, of course, you can see the exact shade the kitchen will choose.

Fashionable, dark kitchen splashback

Source: Secureidm.com

Mosaic patterns can never be lacking for a stylish and vibrant feel in a backsplash. This time we choose a mosaic that contains small tiles made up of white, black and gray tiles. You can choose wallpaper with this design if your budget is tight.

The backsplash chooses black and dark gray as the dominant colors. This makes the entire backsplash appear dark. The small tiles add a lively note so that the backsplash does not appear dark and plain.

The back wall matches the wooden cabinets, the drawer and the lamp. They are all making up for the trend.

Natural, dark kitchen splashback

Source: amberyin.com

You can choose natural stone like in this picture for natural charms as an extra tone after a dark feeling in a backsplash. A dark gray natural stone is used for this upstand. The backsplash also chooses trimmed natural stones.

The stones are rectangular with different sizes. Some are big, others look small. The stones are not arranged in any particular pattern. When you put it all together, the stones look neat and beautiful.

You don’t have to paint the stones. Leave them as they are for a natural and fresh feeling.

Casual, dark kitchen splashback

Source: notifiesapp.com

The eighth of our backsplash ideas for dark kitchens is the simplest. Simply choose black and white tiles and attach them to the kitchen wall as an upstand. Of course, the black tone dominates more space within a tile.

This picture gives you that example. The tiles look dark and shiny. Therefore, the entire kitchen is not entirely bleak. We believe you can easily find them at a hardware store.

The tiles are easy to clean and inexpensive. The backsplash thus reinforces the casual look that fills this modern kitchen.

Ideal back wall for dark kitchens

Source: wordupmag.com

This picture shows our ideal backsplash for dark kitchens. This backsplash is based on the same idea as in the eighth point and uses rectangular tiles. This ninth tip differs from the previous idea in that the former picks up old-looking tiles.

They don’t look bold and bright like the eighth strategy. You can even spot brownish hues popping up from the tiles. The selection shows how the tiles have aged with grace.

Fabulous dark kitchen splashback

Source: liguefrancilienne.com

A dark kitchen splashback can look vibrant in its own style. This picture best shows how to create that. The backsplash uses square tiles in light and dark gray, brown and beige tones.

This neutral color choice makes this kitchen look fabulous. From this image we can learn that dark backsplash can look alive at a fair level. The recipe is to combine tiles of neutral colors with a dark one or two-tone shade.


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