Cozy bedroom for fall

Fall is here, all those beautiful leaves falling from the trees and the soft sunlight that’s no longer burning is great! How to make your home cozy for fall? We have prepared some tips and examples to make your bedroom welcoming and comfortable.

Weatherproof your window treatments

Fall days, and especially nights, can be chilly, and you need a kit that adds a handy dose of insulation. Tightly woven curtains of wool, silk and mohair keep the heat and cold out. Choose a set in a warm fall color to enjoy the season. If your windows already have blinds, just add warm curtains.

Bring a seasonal scent

Traditional scents for relaxation are lavender, chamomile and sandalwood, which make great calming scents for fall. If you have special associations, bring whatever you want for fall: do this with candles, potpourri and essential oils.

exchange textiles

Add more pillows, blankets and throws to your bed to make it as comfortable as possible: this is the focal point of any bedroom and should be very welcoming. Go for fall printed linens, for plaid fabrics, for flannel sheets or a velvet throw, bring faux fur rugs and comfy pillows. A large and heavy blanket will instantly make the room cozy, and a chunky knit blanket will add appeal and texture to your space. Put rugs on rugs and choose different textures to make the floor warmer. Rugs, pillows, curtains – anything that adds softness and texture will make your bedroom a more comfortable place to settle down.

Add fall decor

Set out a bowl with pine cones, leaves, stones, fall flowers and leaves, and nuts and berries. Bring small cute accessories of your choice that symbolize fall to you – these can be banners, wreaths and other items that you like. Feel the fall and embrace it with these tips and you’ll never want to leave your bedroom!

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