Banquet Seating Ideas

Banquet Seating Ideas

A banquet seat is a cool idea for any home, mainly dining areas. It can accommodate many people, taking up less than half the space that a table and chairs would take up, but can accommodate the same number of people. Plus, it allows for indoor storage, making it one of the best ideas for a small house. Avoid banging your knees by pairing a pedestal table with banquet chairs. This configuration makes getting in and out of the bench easier by leaving free space at the bottom and has room for an extra chair or two. You can use banquettes in living rooms, bedrooms and home offices – not just dining areas. Today I want to share some ideas to rock one and create a stylish look.

Banquet seating in dining rooms

A banquet seat is a perfect piece for a breakfast nook or dining area. Firstly, it can hold a lot of people, secondly, it can provide some storage space inside. A banquet seat is also great for awkward and irregular corners: build it anywhere. Aside from the standard setting for restaurant booths, banqueting options include U-shapes, L-shapes, semicircles, and hybrids that combine benches and chairs. If you want to make a statement with color, take a bright banquette and add bold artwork on top. If you’re feeling neutral, keep it mute or pale. There are countless fabrics that can be used for banquet upholstery: leather, velvet and many others, try what is more comfortable. Do you have a small room make a wall mounted banquet seat, it looks airy and light.

Banquet seating in other rooms

Banquet seating is great for home offices, living rooms and bedrooms, especially mid-century modern seating. Such a seating area can replace a sofa – it is much more comfortable, can accommodate more people and leaves a lot of negative space, since banquettes are usually placed against the wall. Create a beautiful cinema room or add charm to your living room with a velvet upholstered banquette. Make a cozy reading corner by the window with a large banquet. Make your home office bolder with a contrasting banquet. You can also easily and quickly make your own pallet banquettes – just add some pillows and cushions and enjoy!

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