Small Garden Decor Ideas

Small Garden Decor Ideas

If you’re a lucky garden owner, you’re sure to be enjoying some sunshine and fresh air right now. Do you have a small garden and don’t know how to set it up properly to make it look cool and very inviting? Or do you just want to change something to make it look cooler? No worries! We’ve put together some very inspiring looks and images to steal to make your small backyard a better place.


Yes, your small garden can have a style that is expressed in the plants and some decorations you use. Will it be modern? Cottage style? Vintage? minimalistic? Japanese style? Once you figure out what you love, you can choose some cool plants for that space.


A green lawn is a very nice solution as a basis for many gardens, from modern to rustic. A well-kept lawn is great for you, your family and pets – it’s always inviting. If you decide to go for a shabby chic space, you need to stick to the usual greens, grasses and shrubs. The latter are topical for many gardens, depending on their appearance and size. Modern gardens don’t need blooms, keeping them minimal and simple, while cottage and vintage gardens are fantastic with flowers. If you want a Japanese-inspired garden, stick to simple foliage, shrubs, and rocks rather than the usual walkways.


If you’re rocking a modern or minimalist garden, you don’t need any special decor. Stick to basic patio furniture when you need some, and that’s it. Japanese gardens have no decor or furniture other than a few waterfalls or ponds and perhaps traditional lanterns.

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