Retro table lamps

If you’re a retro fanatic, if you can’t live in your home without mid-century modern decor and items, this series of lamps will immediately catch your eye because it’s all about retro!

Studio Más, known for designing products and furniture that are simple yet unique, has just released its latest release – Lamp Más. Inspired by analogue behavior and retro-like colors and shapes, Lamp Más was designed to create a beautiful balance between the pull switch and the lamp body.

You can also draw inspiration from Alexander Calder, known for creating mobile, moving sculptures that were themselves inspired by Mondrian. Studio Más reinterpreted his ideas and worked with lighting. He designed Lamp Más with black lines and colored circular switches. It is sure to make people’s lives more beautiful and their interiors very special!

These lamps create a catchy accent in a neutral interior with their colorful touch, or in a colorful interior with bold shapes and lines. Make a statement with one or more gorgeous lamps choosing your perfect shape and look and your decor will take on personality instantly!

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