Minimalist industrial wall light

Minimalist industrial wall light

Humanhome presented ODIS Sconce, a handcrafted design that combines a minimalist approach with an industrial edge. The lamp consists of a round steel frame with a rolled edge and an insert made of American black walnut that immediately gives off a warm glow when lit.

The ODIS wall light makes life easier as it is a plug-in design, which allows you to mount it anywhere that is relatively close to an outlet. The wall light is available in flat white or black and comes with an American made woven cord with a machined brass wire tensioner to keep the cord taut on the wall. The 15-foot cord is long enough for preferred placement and comes with an on/off footswitch for easy on/off switching.

Such a wall lamp is a great idea for any bedroom or living room. It brings light to the style and highlights your refined taste, which becomes a seamless and natural part of your decor. Get inspired to buy one!

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