Minimalist industrial apartment

Named House H, this apartment is located in a block of flats in Taipei’s Shilin District and is occupied by a family of four. Renovated by KC Design Studio, the neglected basement of this apartment features a series of greyscale rooms and a courtyard.

The studio decided to carve several openings in the basement ceiling. A large rectangular opening to the front of the basement lets in sunlight from the windows on the first floor fa├žade. In this opening there is also a staircase that connects the two floors of the apartment. An L-shaped opening was then made in the ceiling at the rear of the basement, covered with sheet metal to allow air to circulate from the ground floor above. The area just below the opening was covered with glass to create an inner courtyard. Inside is a row of green leafy plants and a small chinaberry tree. The dense foliage acts as a natural barrier between the daughter and son’s bedrooms, which have been moved to the basement.

Elsewhere in the basement are the apartment’s kitchen, living area, laundry room, and additional laundry facilities. The main floor is now primarily used as the parents’ master bedroom, with its own walk-in closet. There is also a family prayer room on this level. An atmospheric color palette has been used throughout the home. The walls were loosely plastered with gray plaster and much of the floor was poured with concrete. Almost all of the lights are black, except for a few metal pendant lights that dangle above the dining table. Slate cabinets in the kitchen beyond.

Minimalist and industrial apartment in a garret - DigsDi
Minimalist two-story apartment with an industrial flair - DigsDi

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