Meditation Room Ideas

Ideas for meditation rooms

MEDITATION ROOM IDEAS – More and more people are meditating as today’s word becomes chaotic and hectic. Finding a peaceful mind surpasses the mind of modern people amid the hustle and bustle of life.

Increasing meditation and yoga classes are the order of the day in large cities. Some even turn to a personal meditation room at home. Are you one of them? If so, you might want to practice one of our 10 meditation room examples below:

Warm meditation room

Warm meditation room

A neutral or soft ambience is recommended for a meditation room. The strategy helps with targeted meditation. Our first example looks warm with a brownish hue. It sets up the large window to allow healthy air to get into your lungs.

The brownish shade appears on the floor. The material immediately makes you feel relaxed. The meditation room brings in live plants, an antique desk, and a mattress. There are many candles out there that can help you focus.

Take a break to read books on meditation and improve your meditation practices.

Zen meditation room


The Zen concept brings balance into our lives with natural materials and simple interior design. When the concept of zen serves the purpose of meditation, it is like a perfect marriage. The two elements help optimize your mind for full attention.

The meditation room uses wood that looks light and fresh. The material is used for the floor of the room, the meditation bench and the chair. White becomes the mural of the room to create a clear hue.

The decorations are on the rocky seats and plants. You can experience the undisturbed moment while your mind and body train towards mindfulness.

Relieve the meditation room


Such a luxurious meditation room. Space is what we really dream of. Located by the lake and the hill, the hotel already calms our hearts and minds. The meditation room makes optimal use of the panorama with the design.

The space leaves most of the area free to help the mind more easily let go of stress and anxieties that may arise in daily life. The wooden floor makes the room warm and relaxed.

The candles, plants, and flowers all add to a quieter tone. Keep the doors open to breathe healthy and fresh air.

Natural meditation room


In contrast to the previous examples, this meditation room appears natural and lively. You can see bright colors appearing from the throw pillows and large carpet. This is possible if you opt for a natural meditation room concept.

The room sets up the large window pane to enjoy the beautiful panorama outside. At the same time, it reflects the sunlight falling into the room. There are many live plants all over the room.

The rocks form the wall of the room and the furniture chooses wood. We call this a mixture of nature meditation.

Bright meditation room


Get enough healthy air and light during meditation. Bring your mood to a positive level with a bright ambience. That is probably our conclusion on this meditation room.

The room has large windows to keep your lungs healthy with fresh air. With the sunlight, your eyes will become healthy too. The key area is in the wooden floor, which appears bright and light.

There is an open shop for meditation videos and articles on Buddha. You can motivate them to meditate consistently, especially for Buddhist followers.


Gentle and peaceful. This one looks really unique. The meditation room prefers soft fabrics and super soft milky walls. This is a bit in contrast to hardwood floors as we discussed earlier.

The meditation room takes up a large space with a very comfortable sofa set. The room therefore offers space for many people. What attracts us is the ceiling style that matches the curtain layout.

All of them look graceful and vintage. The fabrics with the patterned motif in white and gray appear lively. Such a remarkable design.

Open space meditation room


A meditation room can be set up outside of your home. The natural light and the air from nature have an irresistible charm. Just make sure your house is in a quiet area as shown in the picture.

The meditation room builds the construction in this way. With the wood it looks a bit traditional. The room contains a blue mattress that you can practice yoga or meditate on. There is a small Buddha statue to help motivate your meditation practice.

Charming meditation room


This is also located outdoors. This one hopes to have most of the green landscape outside. The meditation room looks a bit unconventional with the Mediterranean carpet and soft fabrics.

The room is surrounded by live plants and candles to make the focusing process easier. It must be very comforting to meditate with the breeze touching your face.

Quiet meditation room


Yellow, brown and white go well with the meditation room. On this day, the meditation room appears bright, especially when the curtains are open. At night the meditation room feels peaceful.

This comes from the wooden floor and the simple mattress. The meditation room is modeled. The desk is for the teacher standing in front of the Buddha statue. This seems more suitable for a meditation class.

The overall design leads completely to a supportive common meditation.

Old meditation room


Small but nice. This is inspired by ancient meditation practices. The room looks like a cave or something. The meditation room looks ancient and has a super simple design.

The decoration is based on the drawing and the pillows. With the raw wall concept, the room looks natural and comfortable. The small desk looks antique. The meditation room is only enough for one or two people.

Meditating in space brings back the original practice of the exercise.

Take a few hours off to meditate and relax in your busy life. The ideas for the meditation room in the article prove that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to design the room. Have fun experimenting!


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