Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Color ideas for the living room

LIVING ROOM COLOR IDEAS – The choice of color can be very important for your living room. The color can either improve the overall theme of your living room or ruin it instead. Therefore, in order to choose a color that goes with the best living room tone, you need to surpass some skill in choosing colors.

In another aspect, you can break traditional living room colors that give you choices that are too common, such as: B. Light blue, white and brown. Here are some living room color inspiration ideas that you can try:

Dark blue living room color

Dark blue living room color

When you paint your living room dark blue, it automatically becomes an elegant and calming place. A blue that is closely related to the water element brings calm to the viewer of the color.

It should be noted that light blue goes with almost all furniture colors, but not dark blue. So choose furniture or essentials for the living room in neutral or soft colors.

If you choose dark colors for living room furniture or items instead, the whole living room will look uncomfortable.

Living room color beige

Living room color beige

Bored of brown? Or is yellow too light for you? If so, beige can be your perfect choice. Beige is one of the intermediate colors. Beige brings a lot of light into your living room to make you feel calm and relaxed.

As one of the neutral colors, you can place furniture, objects or the essentials that contain almost all types of color. Beige, for example, offers space for dark furniture colors of your choice. That depends on the chosen overall theme of the living room.

Living room color brown

Living room color brown

The light brown or light brown can be an alternative if you find that dark or light brown is very common. This type of varnish color can also be a great choice if you think yellow is too anti-mainstream.

As you can see in the picture, painting your living room light brown can instantly result in a bright yet quiet living room. This paint color provides additional lighting so that you can save more watts.

This will ultimately reduce electricity and yes the monthly electricity bills.

Creamy living room color

Creamy living room color

Undoubtedly, brown has several graduated colors that can inspire you on a particular living room theme. If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, it’s enough to paint your living room brown.

And you can start by painting the living room walls a creamy brown that looks beige but looks a little darker. You can add white in some smaller parts of the living room.

The combination seems ordinary, but still there is no denying that the living room feels calm and spacious, a perfect part of the house to rest.

Simple gray living room color

Simple gray living room color

Regular gray is quite a breakthrough. When you apply the paint to your living room it can become a unique and soft place. This color is particularly suitable for certain living room themes that you are planning, such as: futuristic or contemporary living room themes.

You can combine the paint color with a dark gray sofa set and decorative lamps. Furniture or objects in metallic or gloss colors provide a futuristic living room tone. This color is ready to use right out of the box, making the living room attractive and peculiar.

Living room color white

Living room color white

It would be incomplete not to fill in the living room color ideas in this article without this color. Yes, pure or plain white. This is the safest color when it comes to painting the walls of a room. The living room is no exception.

Plain white has a number of advantages. The color goes well with almost all living room themes, from classy to rustic. Plain white is easy to grab and hang on the walls. All you need to consider is the quality of the paint, which will depend on your budget.

Living room color light gray

Living room color light gray

Although light gray comes from the same base color, it differs significantly from its sister color, dark gray. Light gray is similar to beige in a way that both colors will brighten any living room.

Interestingly, light gray cools your mind after a hard day at work and adds to your mood. To be a light gray living room means to recharge your batteries because the color does not burden you like in a white or brown living room.

Living room color green

Living room color green.  Source:

Young or light green can definitely freshen up your living room. Whether you are a green lover or a theme lover with a friendly environment or not, light green brightens up and creates a positive atmosphere in every living room.

This color idea can even open up spaces for your creative skills in the indoor or living room. Thanks to its neutral hue, light green can support your various living room modes, from home gardening in the living room to minimalist ones.

It depends on your type of choice of furniture, room accessories, ornaments and small decorative items.

Living room color red

Living room color red.  Source:

Red symbolizes spontaneity, positivism and bravery. Hopefully, occupying a red living room can lift the mood quickly. A red living room is unusual because this color is rather unusual in many households. You can choose this color to channel the buzz.

In addition to the already strong shade of red due to the paint color, you can complete the living room with colorful furniture and objects. For example, white sofa sets, yellow and blue pillows and black bowls with snacks that are placed on a table in front of the sofa set.

This will make the living room look juicy, so you won’t get bored.

Living room color pastel

Pastel colors in the living room.  Source:

We want to complete our color ideas for living room colors with pastel colors that are beautiful, mild and delicate. There are some pastel colors that will go best with your overall living room theme.

The delicate pink, as you can see in the picture, is one of the pastel colors that can underline the cosiness at the highest level. Apart from this color, you can opt for delicate blue, vanilla or light purple.

Warm atmosphere works best with pastel colors. The pastel colored living room will undoubtedly become the dream place of the house to go to after a hectic day at the office.

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