Kitchen Island Back Panel Ideas

Ideas for the kitchen island back wall

IDEAS OF THE KITCHEN ISLAND – – Kitchen back wall concepts refer to the part of the stand or the column. Typically, a back wall uses wood material that leaves room for different designs.

You can choose beautiful back wall models to easily create beautiful kitchen island models. We’ll discuss this in our list below. We think this list is important, especially for those on a budget.

Ideas for the classic rear wall of the kitchen island

Ideas for the classic rear wall of the kitchen island

We believe you will see this rear wall model often in classic or traditional kitchens. You can copy this design which focuses on simplicity and elegance. This back doesn’t have a lot of planes or squares.

You can display three fields on this white back. a large square and two rectangular boxes. The large square becomes the center of the back wall. This humble idea leads to this graceful and chic back wall.

This back wall matches this entire kitchen island with a classic design, as can be seen from the desperate legs of the chairs and the overall cabinet design.

Antique back wall of the kitchen island

Source: Pinterest

This kitchen island has an independent piece of furniture in an antique design. With this simple kitchen island, the kitchen brings a strong balance to its powerful high-tech kitchen appliances.

The back wall of the kitchen island looks simple with the wood concept used. As a slight modification, two types of wood materials are used on the back. For the outer part you can see the light shade of the wood, while the inner part looks much darker.

You can learn that an antique back wall attracts the eyes of modern people in a special way.

Coastal Cottage Kitchen Island Back Wall


Our third recommendation shows how influential a kitchen island vendor’s back wall can be. This kitchen island aims to mimic a seaside kitchen design. The kitchen island chooses the back wall with the attached wooden X-shape.

Not to forget, the kitchen island chooses a wooden pillar or a white lacquered stand. With this simple selection of the rear wall, you can quickly feel how the ambience of a house by the sea fills up for this kitchen island. Complement the back wall with such wooden chairs.

The kitchen island is enough for an appropriate design of the coastal houses that connects you with nature.

Kitchen island with a soft back wall

Source: Pinterest

We think some of you might prefer a simple back wall. Our fourth recommendation invites you to practice this concept with slight variations. This time you can choose a plain back wall with a light shade of gray.

This makes the back wall appear mild and comfortable. You can complete the entire back wall with a shelf that looks like a bookcase as this picture further suggests. You can choose other colors for the smooth back.

This back fits the white-gray marble as a worktop.

Kitchen island Old back wall


Recycle old furniture in your home as a kitchen island. This picture suggests that you are recycling antique storage rooms that are painted white. The kitchen island has a typical old furniture design with gentle curves. You can see from this back.

The board shows the timeless love of family generations in care. The back wall made of super strong wood materials looks graceful. If you look at it, you can feel an intense aging atmosphere that doesn’t rust.

If you don’t have an antique shop, go hunting at a flea market.

Kitchen island with a minimalist back wall


Two rectangular boxes fill the back wall of this kitchen island. The back is cut sober and simple and looks minimalist. The back accompanies the cabinet style, which is a chest or cabinet style.

The minimalist back wall fits into this modern kitchen. With this minimalist back wall, the entire kitchen island keeps this kitchen up to date. This refers to minimalist and graceful feelings that fill the air of this kitchen.

The kitchen island serves as a storage and preparation area for food ingredients or ready meals and drinks.

Kitchen island with an ordinary back wall


The seventh of our 10 kitchen splashback ideas shows one of the most common splashback designs in today’s kitchen. The back wall is made of wood materials that divide into three parts.

You can see this concept in this picture. All are in a vertical formation, the rear wall is finished with wooden edges. This ordinary design has a special point that makes it impressive. Some don’t really like complicated models.

This rear wall concept corresponds with white marble as a worktop and the modern and relaxed ambience of the entire kitchen.

Beachy kitchen island back wall


The beach back wall at this point is another departure from the trick in the third recommendation. This time you can choose white wood materials like the back wall. In particular, choose wooden boards that are vertically connected to each other.

You can see this exact example from this picture. This back wall picks up on an idea of ​​the beach house. Pure and clean, the rear wall offers a cool contrast to the dark marble as a worktop.

Kitchen island Elegant back wall


With the classic rear wall design, black wood materials can also be selected in addition to white and brown tones. This selection creates an elegant and vintage back wall. This picture best proves this style.

The back incorporates a classic design that emphasizes simple boxes, sleek lines, and worn pillars. The dark color of the back is a drastic departure from the usual style.

The back wall is graceful and luminous, adding a premium vintage touch to this kitchen.

Brave kitchen island back wall


We finish our list with this bold backplane that uses simple and modern material. The back is red with black lines. This design is enough for a bold and bright mood for this kitchen island.

Like the fourth recommendation, this rear wall matches the theme color of the entire kitchen. red. The coffee-like kitchen island offers a refreshing and updated design that will make your social gatherings with friends and relatives possible.

Take more time researching this kitchen island material for an all red kitchen tone.


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