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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Ideas for redesigning kitchen cabinets

KITCHEN CABINET THAT REPEATS IDEAS – From time to time you may want to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Remodeling an existing kitchen cabinet can open up a great option for an easy upgrade, but with a great result.

Consider redesigning the kitchen cabinet, i.e. a facelift for the front or exposed area of ​​a kitchen cabinet. Without a detailed explanation, we offer 10 kitchen cabinet renovation designs that can help you a little.

Stylish redesign of the kitchen cabinet

Stylish redesign of the kitchen cabinet
Source: homewikhome.com

Needless to say how fashionable this kitchen is. From the round kitchen island to the cupboard, the kitchen is stylish in every way. Our discussion is about the furniture that is getting a stylish facelift.

In fact, you can just buy a similar model of furniture to the one in this picture. The closets look spacious and beautiful. The cabinets consist of two adjacent sections. The first part relates to the open storage style.

The second indicates the narrow cabinets. Please select which articles should be placed in the individual cabinet sub-units.

Minimalist kitchen cabinet makeover

Minimalist kitchen cabinet makeover
Source: sebringdesignbuild.com

Remodeling kitchen cabinets for a modern kitchen generally requires a simple design and lightweight material. You can choose a glass cover as this picture suggests as a good alternative. The kitchen furniture consists of the base cabinet with the glass cover and the narrow storage space.

If you already have a tight storage space, just buy the assembly with the glass cover. You can hang one or two storage compartments with a glass cover. With the storage concept you can present plates, cups and glasses.

You can see the number of dishes remaining there through the transparent cover.

Simple kitchen cabinet finishing

Simple kitchen cabinet finishing
Source: kalvez.com

Remodeling your kitchen furniture shouldn’t cost you that much. This surface concept focuses on the light, shiny material that can be cheaper than solid teak. This kitchen cabinet conversion fits into this modern kitchen with minimal details.

In order to maintain this redesign concept, you can easily change existing cabinets with this type of material and color. Gray can deliver simple and neutral tones that are common in most modern kitchens.

If you already have the furniture, just swap the knob out for this modern knob we often see in offices.

Fresh kitchen cabinet renovation

Fresh kitchen cabinet renovation
Source: clipgoo.com

This is probably the easiest to do. Change wooden cabinets and drawers as cabinets in this kitchen with a soft shade of green. The entire kitchen cabinet looks fresh and young at the same time.

You can find almost all kinds of storage options in the kitchen cabinets. From the large cupboard to the small drawers, many cooking utensils and kitchen utensils can be stowed in the cupboards. Even the cabinets contain the sub-unit that lies under the gas stove.

For a completely fresh look, apply the same painting to the kitchen wall.

Creative redesign of kitchen cabinets

Creative redesign of kitchen cabinets
Source: hgtv.com

How simple ideas can go a long way. We call this redesign idea creative because of the button. You can choose other button styles to suit your personal taste. With these unique buttons, the white case no longer feels plain.

The knobs complete the closed cabinet and the drawers under the countertop. You can also attach the open storage space to the kitchen wall next to the closed cabinet.

Overall, the cabinets in this narrow kitchen appear comprehensive.

Easy redesign of the kitchen cabinet

Easy redesign of the kitchen cabinet
Source: kitchencollaboration.com

Add a simple gray wooden board to your yellow backsplash for extra storage space. Hang up the storage space to stow the essentials for the kitchen. Interesting enough to note that the add-on is more horizontal than vertical.

The minimalist drawers with modern buttons are already under the worktop. The neutral housing contrasts with the lively backsplash. This presents the creative concept of modern cuisine.

Double kitchen cabinet redesign idea

Double kitchen cabinet recovery idea
Source: cjcfc2018.com

Contrary to the earlier ideas, our seventh refacing concept encourages you to implement two types of kitchen cabinets. If possible, choose cabinet styles with different colors.

Let’s say you already own the blue cabinets under the countertop. Later on, you will need more kitchen cabinets to hold more kitchen gadgets that you recently purchased. Just add the white plain cabinets with the cute buttons.

Hang the new cabinets to store the new items. The double case offers a soft contrast view.

Beautiful kitchen cabinet makeover

Beautiful kitchen cabinet makeover
Source: thekitchn.com

With the same idea as the fourth point, this kitchen renovation encourages experimentation with painting. This proposal chooses Tosca between blue and green. The color also applies to the wall and the window.

The difference between the two lies in the style of painting. The fourth point still leaves wood (seen in the large closet). This time the painting envelops the cabinets smoothly and completely.

This idea leads to this beautiful piece of furniture. Who doesn’t feel lively about the cabinet remodeling?

Adorable kitchen cabinet that has been redesigned

Adorable kitchen cabinet being redesigned
Source: diynetwork.com

Again, changing the button can create an eye-catching tone for kitchen furniture. This little facelift idea turns out to be efficient in this picture. The kitchen chooses the little black knobs that contrast with the white cabinets.

The knobs are attached to the cabinets and drawers in the upper and lower areas of the kitchen. The furniture maintains the neutral tone of this kitchen. From the back wall to the cupboard, neutral colors fill the air in the kitchen.

Repaint the clear kitchen cabinet

Repaint the clear kitchen cabinet
Source: Source: wordupmag.com

Transparent kitchen furniture is available for an experiment in your planned cabinet redesign. You can buy separate transparent kitchen cabinets that hang on the wall as shown in this picture.

There are small and large cabinets during the transparent cabinet remodeling. Most of the transparent kitchen models are used in this kitchen. The sub-unit accommodates plates, glasses and cups.

The redesign of the housing complements the red housing that is located under the worktop.

These are our suggestions if you are planning to renovate your kitchen cabinet. Choose the tip that fits your budget and personal style. Set the memory requirement so that the new one works to the maximum. Have fun experimenting!

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