How to expand the living room

Your living room is often the heart of your home, where you can gather with family and friends, spend long, lazy evenings, and more. While physically increasing the space would require an expensive remodel, there are many ways to make the space appear larger that are easy to do and budget friendly. We’ve rounded up the easiest ones, check them out!

Concentrate on the ground

The floor takes up a lot of space and has a major impact on the design of your living room. Avoid interrupting the eye with different and particularly contrasting floor coverings. Choose a flooring material like wood or carpet throughout the living room and adjoining rooms to visually expand the space and create a flow with your design. Prefer furniture with legs to make the floor underneath fade and look taller.

Use the walls

The place where the walls meet the floor defines the size of a room both physically and visually. Emphasize the height of the wall by any means you have: hang floor-length curtains close to the ceiling, use tall bookshelves to compel guests to look, or add moldings.

Add a focus

Emphasize a focal point or accent piece to draw people’s attention away from the size of the room. Choose any focal point – a mantel, a piece of art, a bold piece of furniture or anything else that comes to mind. Make it super contrasting and super bold, let it take up all the space, and it will be a great conversation starter.

Use mirrors to reflect light

Mirrors push walls away and reflect light, making the room appear larger. This is a classic idea to make your space look bigger. Use them in front of your most attractive decor such as flowers or intricate curtains or windows to reflect beauty and please the eye. Avoid using a mirrored wall that looks too retro and can change your aesthetic. Make your living room bigger easier and faster!