Halloween living room decor

Halloween living room decor

Halloween is coming! Just a month to go and many of us are already getting ready, especially with some parties planned. Today we’re going to take a look at some ideas for decorating your living room for Halloween, which traditionally involve several points. The most important of these are coffee tables and mantels, although the latter are not everywhere but are still there.

Halloween coffee table decor ideas

Designing your coffee table for Halloween is not difficult at all. You can place anything you want. Just stick to the style of your living room. Choose the colors that somehow blend with the rest of the room and don’t be too bold if you don’t want to make your coffee table the focal point of the room. Decide what items to place and how many to have – just add a few to the existing ones or redesign the entire table for Halloween? And now put what you like – spiders, skulls, skeletons, dark candles and candlesticks, antlers, black branches and blackbirds, moody flower arrangements – there are no restrictions here.

Halloween cloak decor ideas

Your mantel is another place where you can make a statement in the room and make it bolder. Do the same as with the coffee table – find out the style, decide on colors and then select the elements. Ghostly black and white cloaks are popular for Halloween, although you might want to add pops of color – traditional orange, burgundy, purple and even green. If your chimney isn’t working, fill it with carved or painted pumpkins, then move on to the mantel – place skulls, pumpkins, blackbirds, candles, and other things you see fit. Check out the ideas below and steal them if you want!

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