First Apartment Essentials

Today’s roundup is right for millennials – you’ve probably secured your first apartment and thought about how to decorate and which items to buy first. You must slowly fill up your new space while also paying the rest of the bills. This summary doesn’t include essential items like beds, refrigerators, pots and tables, but instead includes a few things that add personality and comfort to your space. We know this is one of the most important things of all.

living room

  1. Rugs add character and comfort to any room. For some styles like boho chic, this is essential. Go for a printed rug or one with details that match the mood you’ve chosen.
  2. A statement mirror or a work of art. This is another idea to add a personal touch to the room and decorate a blank wall with artwork or posters that you like. If you prefer to pull the root of the design, a large framed mirror can really tie the room together, too.
  3. Since most apartments do not have a garden, you will need a lot of plants at home. Opt for large plants such as ferns, cacti or rubber plants that are very easy to care for. Adding interesting vases and handmade clay pots will make your plant even better.
  4. bean bags or an ottoman. Bean bags are great comfy seating that doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t require difficult cleaning. An ottoman can also serve as a coffee table, which is very functional.
  5. Two large pillows and a throw. Invest in two large pillows and a colorful throw to cover your sofa and you’re ready to host your first movie night.


  1. Whimsical mugs and glasses. Trendy drinkware with bold slogans is very popular right now. Four extra large wine glasses add a chic touch to any kitchen, especially if you have open cabinets.
  2. utensil holder. You have to display your cutlery but also organize it. Buy a fancy stainless steel and brass utensil holder, which is pretty good in this case, and store your large kitchen essentials.


  1. A bedside table. Bedside tables provide extra storage and space for your lamps. They can be the same, similar, or even mismatched, which is a hot trend. Adding lamps and anything else you want to store makes you feel comfortable and at home.
  2. Wicker bins are great for bathrooms and bedrooms and are super affordable. They can be used to store different things, and you can also put pots in them.
  3. Exposed clothes rail. Show off your stylish clothes and make them a part of the decor: display closets are very popular now and look very trendy.
  4. A desk and a chair. This is for those of you who don’t have a separate study nook – organize this in your bedroom. Choose a desk and chair that you like, maybe old ones that you want to renovate and create what you like for your home. add a stylish lamp and plant and voila!


  1. A hanging storage container for bath/shower products – everything is absolutely clear here.
  2. Stylish towels on a hanger. Make sure you have one hung near the sink for guests to fry their hands off.
  3. storage container. Keep your bathroom smartly organized and add appropriate containers to your bathroom style.
  4. Scented candles or essential oil burners. Fill your bathroom with delightful, relaxing scents that will keep it naturally fresh throughout the day and are sure to make your bathing experiences more relaxing.
  5. A bathroom mat. These can collect a lot of germs. So buy a rubber or one that is easy to clean. The darker the color, the better.