Entrance benches with storage

Entrance benches with storage

Entryways are often small and one of the main issues in this area is organization and storage. One of the most functional and practical ideas is entryway filing – what can be simpler to keep the space organized? All you have to do is choose a suitable bench that suits your room style. There are many models with differently organized storage space. Let’s take a look.

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If you don’t want a bulky piece, choose a bench with one or more shelves. You can use each shelf and top to store umbrellas, hats, shoes and other stuff. There are creative benches with wire shelves, built-in benches with open shoe racks, and creative color-blocked benches, with each shelf having its own color. Even if there is no shelf, put your shoes under the bench or attach one yourself, that’s it!

Benches with hidden storage space

Opt for a bench with hidden storage to keep your space looking tidy and stylish. The most popular piece is a rectangular bench with storage space inside, accessed through the seat. Such a piece may or may not be padded, and such an idea is a 100% win, it’s comfortable, cute, and functional. Another way is drawer rocking, which is also very popular. There are many benches with drawers – baskets, wire baskets and just regular ones. If you can’t find the right piece, make your own. Another idea is to just put a few baskets or drawers under your usual bench and voila, you have a ready-made storage bench at hand!

Benches with open and hidden storage space

Combine both open shelves and drawers in your bench to maximize storage space and see how many things can fit! And again, if there’s no real piece you like, just do it yourself, do it smart! This is a great idea if you don’t have any other furniture in the entryway and still need plenty of storage space.

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