Cozy wheat decorations for fall

Who needs fall flowers when you’ve got wheat? Wheat tips are so awesome, so sunny, and so warm, I think they’re a must-have for fall decor! They can be combined with lots of fall pieces, vegetables and leaves to create a chic tablescape, mantel decor, basket or tray.

Wheat is durable and easy to arrange – even an ordinary bundle of wheat in a jug can make an amazing decoration or centerpiece, even for special occasions like a fall wedding or Thanksgiving. Combine wheat with feathers, pumpkins and autumn leaves and decorate your mantel or festive table. Make a wreath out of wheat or wheat and lavender or feathers or just a bundle with a bow to hang on your front door or put your bundle in a burlap sack for that cozy rustic look and voila – your comfy yet super easy decoration for fall! Check out the ideas below and steal them for your inviting fall home decor!

45 Warming and Cozy Wheat Decorations for Fall - DigsDi
24 Warming and Cozy Wheat Decorations for Fall |  DigsDigs |  fall .
24 Warm and cozy for fall wheat ornaments

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