Country Living Room Ideas

Country Living Room Ideas

Country house living room ideas

COUNTRY ROOM IDEAS – Life in the country brings us a nostalgic feeling that can make us warm and cozy. Going back in time can bring back happy memories. At the same time, this challenges us to create a cheerful tone in our daily life.

You don’t have to live in rural areas to enjoy the rural living atmosphere. Large or small sizes are not a problem if you want to apply the interior design of a country living room. This serves as an easy way to ignite the country clay for the house.

Try one of the rural living room tips for every space you have:

Ordinary living room ideas in the country

Ordinary rural living room ideas

Transform your medium sized room into a simple country house like this one. This idea requires that you choose furniture and ornaments that meet the basic requirements in the room. Classic and large armchair with blue patterned carpet brings strong country mode.

Antique wooden tables and desks offer an old mode. The hanging mirror with a fixed fireplace gives the ambience a special touch. Beige curtains that match beige walls add a soft and vibrant touch. Wooden floors reinforce the feeling of living that already fills the living room.

Spacious country living room ideas

Spacious country living room ideas

With window panes and / or sliding glass doors, your rural living room can give a spacious feeling. Enjoy a cozy tone thanks to the large, super soft armchairs with line patterns as far as the eye can see what happens outside the living room.

Wooden floors with a square soft mattress in the middle of the room provide warmth. A stove painted white with paneled walls gives a strong feel of a country living room.

Fixed large bookshelves bring a typical rural reading room, which we usually find in the 18ththe 18th century Great Britain. The second idea of ​​the rural living room is suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Living room ideas for reading in the country

Ideas for rural reading and living rooms

Although this third idea does not produce large, classic sofas and armchairs. The rural living room tone is retained here. This is thanks to the walls painted yellow with solid wooden shelves from top to bottom.

Here too, especially in the 18th century, one finds a living room to fill with this type of librarythe or 19the 18th century Great Britain. In addition, the use of antique wood materials for the cabinet and chair reinforces the old tone and adds warmth.

Another significant old look is the polished wood floor. Large windows make your reading moment appear spacious.

Country house living room ideas for tight spaces

Country house living room ideas for tight spaces

Would you like to apply rural living room ideas but doubt that due to the limited space they will work best? However, you can implement the concepts.

Bring furniture style and materials that shape the rural living room. Apply wooden floors and gray paneled walls beforehand. Rocking chair made of teak from the picture brings a sturdy traditional touch.

Make large wooden windows connected to a wooden cabinet and stove. No need to add a vintage sofa like above. Place the modern sofa that goes well with the red carpet.

Beautiful country living room ideas

Beautiful country living room ideas

The fifth tip is similar to the second, but the former gives us a clear concept with few essential elements. Creamy and large armchairs undoubtedly bring the tone of a country living room.

A white-gray combination for the walls is the order of the day in this living room design. Oven and wooden floors are other indispensable elements for this modeling. While these are enough for a modest living room in the country, consider the grand red carpet.

The decoration somehow gives the room an elegant mode that easily brings it to life.

Cleanly cut country house living room ideas

Clear ideas for rural living rooms

Clear living room ideas look like minimalist room style. Walls painted white with raised blinds first introduce the concept. As minimalism usually suggests, fewer items are recommended.

A large gray armchair with a simple sofa is enough to sit on. Instead of the TV, choose the wooden piano next to the stove. The two bring a solid traditional sense to the living room.

The pendant lamp in the classic look and the antique teapot as decoration perfect the simple room. You can put small silver items on top of the stove to make the room look archaic.

Country house living room inspired by the forest

Country house living room inspired by the forest

In addition to living in the country, you can choose a forest-inspired mode. This makes your rural living room concept very environmentally friendly and wood and stones form the basis of the room.

Use the logs as a ceiling and part of the walls of the room. Wood is used as a material for windows, doors and stairs. The selection shows how cold the living room feels as you can minimize the use of the air conditioning during the day.

Stones are the backbone of the stove. You can light it to light the room. Here, too, you save electricity for space heating in winter. Do you see how this concept supports the Go Green campaign?

Diverse country house living room concept

Rural living room ideas to copy now 1

A country living room doesn’t always limit your item number and layout. Feel free to fill the room with things that will refresh your mind and make you feel at home. With a wide view, as shown in the picture, you can place plants for refreshment.

An antique beautiful wooden desk, the stove and the wooden floor give the room a rural tone. Place large armchairs with the gray patterned rug to add bolder the living room concept.

The colorful curtains for the windows and glass doors complement the vintage look. The space is a perfect example of the combination of rural and green elements.

Sparkling country house living room design

Sparkling country house living room design

The ninth part of the overall ideas for rural living spaces relies on simple furniture and furnishings. Light colors for the ceiling and wall of each fountain contribute to the overall concept.

Play with white, yellow and polished wood for the ceiling, wall and floor. Wood stove, cupboard and transparent cupboard create a strong old tone. To make the room appear shiny, place candles, ceramics and a nice glass as decoration.

Country mini living room

Country mini living room

Choose a long wooden bench and combine it with a colorful, simple sofa, as shown here. Lay tiles to replace wooden floors. The two can create a traditional shade. The strong rural look comes from the stove with a pretty lamp hanging on a long wooden stick.

The plastered raw bricks as the background of the room somehow bring beautiful old basics.

Hopefully the 10 rural living room ideas can use your best imagination on this modeling. Also, check out these rustic living room ideas for more inspiration.