Blue and white kitchens

Blue and white kitchens

Blue and white is the dreamiest and most universal color scheme for decorating your home. It suits literally every style and theme. If you ask me, there isn’t a better color scheme for a kitchen than this: it can be high contrast or soft and neutral and will easily complement whatever style you have. Plus, blue is the color of 2020 and sure to make your space edgy! How to properly pull off this color scheme? Just take a look.

color scheme

As with any other color scheme, you can make it high contrast and super bold or very neutral and soft. If you love bold and contrasting looks, choose navy or midnight blue to pair with crisp white. If you want a soft look with a coastal feel, go for lighter shades of blue or even powder blue and white or cream. Such a color scheme can be spiced up and made bolder with some other colors, e.g. BB Gray or black for drama, red for a nautical feel, green for a coastal feel and of course light metallics, mostly brass and gold The room was very elegant and chic.

furniture and accessories

If you have chosen soft pastel shades of blue, you can be sure that you will rock the entire kitchen in these colors – the shades that are too light will not harm you. For example, if you want to create a contrast, you can choose light blue base cabinets and white wall cabinets or a white kitchen with a dark blue kitchen island and table. If you are unsure about this color scheme, you can always add color to your neutral kitchen with various accessories such as curtains, rugs, china and even some furniture such as stools and chairs. A kitchen makeover is a good idea to keep you occupied and isolating yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

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