Tropical Nursery Decor Ideas

Tropical Nursery Decor Ideas

It’s still spring, but we’re all looking for ways to add a summer vibe to our homes, and children’s rooms should be no exception. Today I want to tell you how to refresh a nursery for summer or just design a tropical nursery for those who love the tropics. Let’s consider some tips to best decorate the room.

Choose colors

A tropical nursery not only requires a bold decor, but it can also be more neutral and calm. First, understand if you want a gender-neutral room or want to emphasize that it’s a boy’s or girl’s room. If you want a girly look, choose shades of pink, gold and cream and add green. If there is a place for a boy, choose blues and natural wood. Do you prefer a gender neutral space? Then choose light, neutral colors and add darker wood tones to make the decor deeper.

Rock Tropical Leaf Prints

Tropical leaf prints add to the room’s style. They are very popular in every room, timeless, glamorous and absolutely must be rocked in the children’s room. The coolest way is to rock a palm leaf print wallpaper statement wall. It will be a centerpiece of the nursery and everything can be arranged around it. It can be large print, small print, or some other look, and it can even be the only tropical touch and the rest can be done neutral. For other ideas, you can use stone leaf print bedding, chairs, sofas, ottomans and pillows, and even just artwork – this is enough to set a mood.

Tropical accents and accessories

Now it’s time to add more tropical accents and accessories to the nursery to make it shine. First of all, it is rattan and wicker furniture. It can be not only a cot, but also stools, chairs, benches and other things. Such furniture immediately gives the room a relaxed feeling. Put a surf in the corner, add faux or toy plush flamingos, hang toy animal heads on the wall – flamingos, giraffes and other animals and birds you like. If you want to add a glamorous feel, hang glam crystal chandeliers and gold accents and items, and if you like boho chic, opt for macrame and faux fur rugs. Create a beautiful tropical space for your child and let them enjoy!