Tiny Cabin Retreat

Tiny huts, where you can relax somewhere in nature and which are easy to build or even move, are extremely popular today. We’re sharing one of those tiny houses again and it’s a charming little cabin built by Ryan McLaughlin.

His goal was to reconnect with nature and detach from everyday life to try something different for a change. The cabin has a total area of ​​160 square meters and is located in a vineyard in Austin, Texas. Unlike the typical tiny houses, which are usually just miniature versions of full-size houses, this cabin has character of its own and a design that thinks outside the box.

Not everything is as traditional and linear as the wooden facade and pitched roof suggest. A fiberglass door hides a small nook with a solar powered water heater, propane tank and wood storage. Inside the cabin there is a small kitchen with a sink, stovetop and mini-fridge, a cozy little sitting area with a sofa bed and a tiny desk, a bathroom with a frosted glass wall that allows light to pass through without compromising privacy. Loft bedroom with a queen-size bed accessible via a wooden ladder.

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