Rustic Scandinavian kitchen designs

Scandinavian style is gaining popularity due to its simplicity and natural charm. Today we are talking about rustic Scandinavian kitchen designs. Black, gray and white natural wood are characteristic of the Scandinavian style, while the rustic style is full of woven baskets, country-style fabric and shabby-chic details and accessories. Let’s see how to make your Nordic style kitchen minimal or vintage style.

Contemporary / Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchens

The modern Scandinavian aesthetic is all about minimalist and contemporary styles. The sleek beauty is influenced by sleek cabinets, simple metal or glass pendant lights, neutral backsplashes of tile, wood, and metal hardware. Such kitchens are usually made in neutral colors such as gray, beige, off-white, off-white and even pure white. However, you can also see muted colors like gray, graphite gray, light blue, green, or slate gray. You can opt for a brick wall, butcher block countertops, leather handles, contrasting finishes and other catchy details. You can highlight your backsplash with contrasting grout and add black or graphite gray for drama. Built-in lights help you see and find everything you need, and built-in appliances make it look sleek. If you want a catchy idea, add a rustic or vintage table and mismatched chairs to the dining area.

Vintage / Retro Scandinavian Kitchens

If you prefer vintage and retro decor, you can also create a Scandinavian kitchen with these details. Opt for white and whitewashed finishes, shiplap or paneled cabinetry, a vintage stove and firewood, a retro hood, matching pendant lights, and countertops with a butcher block. Accent your tiles with contrasting grout, add brick, and use muted or pastel hues that add interest to the space. The rustic style is very relaxing and reminiscent of the countryside, which is why more and more designers and homeowners want to create it. Add a rustic touch to your vintage Nordic kitchen or just keep it rustic if you prefer. The mix of these styles makes any room simply stunning and naturally simple. Enjoy the designs below and make your own!

Rustic Scandinavian Kitchen Design |  Scandinavian kitchen design.
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71 Stunning Scandinavian Kitchen Designs - DigsDi

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