Narrow Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Ideas for narrow kitchen cabinets

NARROW KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS – The narrow kitchen space grows in the middle of a minimalist house with rising land prices. That leaves some of us with cramped kitchen cabinet designs whether we like it or not.

Creating a functional and stylish narrow kitchen cabinet requires careful measurement and implementation of the theme colors. First and foremost, you need to know that you need to build a sleek kitchen cabinet into your planned kitchen facility in order for it to fit exactly.

Narrow kitchen cupboard on both sides

Narrow kitchen cupboard on both sides

It is common for a modern apartment or house to have this two sided kitchen model. The kitchen is in a small space and makes excellent use of the available space for many activities, from cooking to preparing meals.

In the already two-sided kitchen model, the kitchen therefore uses a two-sided kitchen cabinet style. The kitchen cabinet is divided into two parts and chooses gray as the theme color. The kitchen cabinet has a simple design and runs from top to bottom.

The entire kitchen cabinet model thus offers enough space for activities and going in and out.

Cozy narrow kitchen cabinet


Your kitchen or pantry can take up this narrow area horizontally. Sometimes you have to stand to cook or prepare meals because a row of chairs can take up so much space. This image encourages you to create a kitchen cabinet that feels homely.

The kitchen cabinet employs two subspecies; the near and the transparent. The narrow sub-model uses wood while the transparent model uses the glass cover. They all look familiar to today’s modern kitchen. What this cabinet design is about feels good.

The open storage space shows decorations that cheer you up a little while standing.

Cool narrow kitchen cabinet


Some people love the dark taste of their kitchen cabinet. Dark tones create different feelings; from dramatic to brave. Dark colors, for example black, can be combined with other colors. This narrow kitchen cabinet is a very nice example.

Hardly a dark tone can be felt within a unit. The kitchen cabinet model, on the other hand, attracts us because of the many sub-styles, from the closed cabinet to the glass area. The entire design allows you to store items from dishes to groceries.

You can just buy the cabinet. You don’t have to hire professionals to customize the cabinet.

Simple, narrow kitchen cabinet


This idea can serve as the simplest style of kitchen cabinet that you can choose. First and foremost, white can help keep the kitchen spacious. With this simple design of the cabinet, the small kitchen looks a bit wide.

The cabinet consists of closed cabinets, drawers and open storage space. So you can get comprehensive sub-models for kitchen cabinets within that limited kitchen. As a neutral color, you can paint the entire half of the kitchen cabinet yourself.

You can apply two or more colors to give this kitchen a happy feel.

Old fashioned narrow kitchen cabinet


A classic mood can be brought into your modern and narrow kitchen. In this example, this style is used as a contrast to the beach ambience of this home. The combination looks pretty cool to talk about.

The kitchen cabinet is made of oak, which guarantees a long service life. The cabinet consists of small cabinets, rectangular drawers and medium-sized cabinets with a vintage design.

The upper part of the kitchen cabinet still offers space for decorations.

Economical narrow kitchen cabinet


You can store so many items in this very limited kitchen. The great idea to steal from this picture is that you can take advantage of the space available. This kitchen uses the kitchen wall.

The kitchen adds new storage space to the brown kitchen cabinet that can be used to store pans, knives, spoons, forks and much more. You can recognize this as a shelf you built yourself. For large kitchen items, rely on the drawers and cabinets, the heart of the kitchen cabinet model.

The kitchen chooses the dark cupboard kitchen as a contrast to the light green back wall.

Elegant narrow kitchen cabinet


The limited space for your kitchen shouldn’t stop you from making it a trendy area. A nice and careful layout can make the kitchen a nice place for all family members to cook together to create a closer bond.

This picture wants to inspire you with a black kitchen cabinet. We hope you find the cabinet model looks graceful instead of dark or dramatic. The elegant tone comes from the cabinet style that brings the tight and transparent storage model together.

Don’t forget to use the sleek design of the cabinet to keep the kitchen feeling spacious.

Spacious narrow kitchen cabinet


Generous atmosphere for a narrow kitchen, is that real? To prove that our statement is correct, read this point to the end. This kitchen cabinet fits into this narrow, zigzag shaped kitchen.

The wide feel comes from the cabinets and drawers, which look large for each unit due to the size. The neutral colors give the kitchen cabinet a spacious atmosphere. The whole concept can bring relief once you open the door.

Relaxed narrow kitchen cabinet


Although the kitchen cabinet fills this kitchen, you can feel relaxed here as you cook and prepare meals. We welcome gray as a theme color for the kitchen. The neutral color will be a good introduction to the main mood of this kitchen.

That goes well with the white backsplash and red brick wall. Another element for the relaxed atmosphere is the simple design that envelops the cabinet. This design can keep the kitchen minimal and neat.

Essential narrow kitchen cabinet


Our final suggestion is the slimmest of the cabinet styles mentioned earlier. Nestled in a corner, the kitchen uses a very efficient model of a kitchen cabinet. As a material for the kitchen, gray wooden boards are used.

The material is converted into two sub-storage models that fit into the entire kitchen. There are two closed cupboards for kitchen utensils. It’s nice to see that the kitchen still manages to put the floating storage space aside for decorating the display.

One final note that you need to know is to keep kitchen appliances to a minimum given the small kitchen space.


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