Multigenerational Home Decor

Multigenerational Home Decor

Many people today live in multi-generation houses due to rising house and health costs. Some of you may say that this life is all about discomfort, but living with your family has its own perks as well. If for some reason you live in a multi-generational home, here are some tips to help you create a comfortable space for everyone.

Think about accessibility

Multi-generation houses need an eye for accessibility. Even if grandparents can move easily now, thinking ahead can save them increasing pain in the future. By creating spaces that are wheelchair accessible, older residents always feel welcome. Open concept layouts are great for getting around. Configuring the bedrooms so that everyone can easily reach their private living space allows everyone to remain as independent as possible. Provide the senior residents with bedrooms on the first floor and make all other bedrooms on the other floor. Some bedrooms on the first floor and others on the second floor can create a natural separation between generations.

Use every inch

With multiple families living in the same home, every square foot matters. Get creative with all the rooms in the house and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. Consider converting some of the less-used areas of the home, like the attic, basement, or garage, into the areas that may be needed. Rethink the purpose of each room and transform storage spaces into comfortable living spaces. Integrate multifunctional solutions and functional furniture into your home.

Enjoy life in the suite

If you’re lucky enough to be redesigning your home from the ground up, ask your architect to help you configure the suites for each generation. Bathroom sharing can be a big problem in multi-generational households, and you can easily reduce these conflicts before they even start. A private bedroom and bathroom for grandparents and parents, and a happy and fun bathroom for kids can de-clutter the busiest rooms in the house.

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