Modern portable solar lamp

We have seen many lamps inspired by different things from celestial bodies to natural phenomena. But a piece inspired by a lunch box? Unexpectedly! The Binaer solar lamp by Patricia Alambiaga is definitely worth a look!

The Bina solar lamp is easy to look at and even easier to use. Thanks to its base with two handles that even serve as feet, it can be hung and rest on a flat surface.

Binaer’s rather understated design language outside of Ikea makes it an all-rounder, as it not only fits into every home, but into every part of a specific home. Use it as an emergency light or hang it on your closet for a kitschy feel, propped it on your desk for soft tabletop lighting, or even use it outdoors. Bina can do everything! Additionally, with its solar charging capabilities, the binaer can literally be taken anywhere!

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