Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Mid-century modern living room ideas

MID-CENTURY MODERN LIVING ROOM IDEAS – Mid-century modern interior design refers to the style that first emerged in the 1950s. Every few decades, the concept remains popular with a handful of indoor enthusiasts.

Mid-century modern style combines artistic and soft furniture. Classic and modern result in a minimalist overall feeling for the entire living room. There are several living room styles that you can practice with iconic pieces of furniture in the mid-century modern concept.

Bright, modern mid-century living room

Mid-century bright modern living room.  Source: Overstock.com

A mid-century modern living room shouldn’t be plain or neutral. If you love color, paint your planned mid-century modern area in a colorful area. As seen in the picture, bright elements can come from orange and red and white striped pillows.

The colorful bird drawing perfectly embellishes the white painted walls of the living room. The mid-century modern element comes from the minimalist sofa, iconic chair and coffee table.

The three pieces of furniture have smooth curves and are polished. They convey a pleasant feeling for anyone who spends hours on site.

Mid-century modern living room

Mid-century modern living room.  Source: Overstock.com

You can combine the country style with a modern mid-century living room. Correctly arranged, both result in a nostalgic and warm ambience. Put up a fireplace and long vertical windows to best represent country mode.

The mid-century modern element comes from the simple and low sofa. The sofa set becomes the base of the sub-theme. Not to be forgotten is the hairpin coffee table, which is becoming the focus of modern mid-century furniture.

The coffee table looks stylish where you can place books.

Spacious mid-century modern living room

Spacious mid-century modern living room.  Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

The mid-century modern style is suitable for a large space like this one. Choose a light blue accent sofa set here to spice up the wall color and hardwood floor. The blue sofa set doesn’t make the whole area too simple.

Interestingly, there are two different types of coffee tables. Both convey soft lines which, in addition to the sofa set, also convey modern elements from the middle of the century. You can put many small items in the long table.

The smaller one can be used as a lamp table. The minimal room layout goes best with the window pane to create a spacious feeling of space.

Natural mid-century modern living room

Natural mid-century modern living room.  Source: Pinterest

The modern mid-century concept brings out wood materials for the sofa and coffee table, as seen here. The use of wood creates a natural tone. Then there is the wood storage system that takes us back in time.

Freshen up the area with fresh plants in different pot shapes. Not only natural, but the area also looks cool and relieved. Cover the seating area with a black and white geometric rug.

The living room is now ready to bring family members and relatives together over the weekend. Or invite your best friends for a fun moment.

Traditional mid-century modern living room

Traditional mid-century modern living room.  Source: marniegoodfriend.com

The fifth of our modern living rooms from the middle of the 10th century invites you to design this furnishing style on a budget. It’s easy and straightforward. Just buy the armchairs that are essential for mid-century furniture.

Complement the chair with the coffee table above. You are enough already. For modern accents, you have a shaggy carpet under the chairs and the red storage space. Paint the living room walls with light colors for a more modern tone.

Trendy mid-century brown modern living room

Trendy mid-century brown modern living room.  Source: Overstock.com

Like the usual neutral colors, a brown living room can be plain and boring at times. Let’s challenge this stereotype with a mid-century modern concept along with creative room decorations and displays.

Apply brown to the living room walls, minimalist sofa, and coffee table, all of which are heavily tied to the mid-century modern concept. Have a unique pendant light with a glass cover and the dangling black lamp.

Add to this the open and simple memory that holds favorite items, from family portraits to old clocks and cute displays.

Simple and attractive mid-century modern living room

Simple and attractive mid-century modern living room.  Source: Freshome.com

Mid-century minimalist modern living room with a classic twist. The statement best describes the living room. A careful selection of distinctive furniture plays a major role in this.

The main sofa remains low and just comfortable as the mid-century modern living room is mostly portraits. What attracts us the most is the coffee table, which uses fabrics instead of wood. Nevertheless, the legs of the coffee table still have gentle curves.

The dangling lamp and the pictures behind the sofa make the mini-room even more interesting.

Versatile mid-century modern living room

Versatile mid-century modern living room.  Source: blueridgeapartments.com

You can spend free hours with family members watching TV shows. Practice your music by playing the guitar or cleaning your favorite displays that fill the living room. This mid-century modern idea suits those of you with an eclectic theme on your mind.

The use of wooden floors and the closed storage space make the room cozy and warm. Very different from the mid-century modern living room ideas, this spot uses a minimalist sofa set.

The coffee table looks a lot simpler than the medium square table.

Creative mid-century modern living room

Creative mid-century modern living room.  Source: decorordesign.com

It just takes a simple idea to create this creative mid-century modern living room. Find different colors of minimalist sofa sets and accent chairs. You can even choose the patterned accent chairs as shown here.

There are also the colorful pillows with geometric and simple patterns. Hang a large wall decoration that looks abstract and simple, as seen here. As with the eighth idea, fabrics are used instead of smooth wood on the coffee table on site.

Mid-century modern living room in pastel colors

Mid-century pastel colored modern living room.  Source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Wear pastel colors, e.g. B. soft pink in the walls. You can complete the pastel-colored look with the accent chairs, the minimalist sofa and the ottoman, which are also kept in pastel colors.

The coffee table with its fine lines corresponds with the high wooden drawer in which the room displays are also located. By using window panes and wooden floors, the small area feels relieved.

The compass wall decoration and the colorful circle in the white frame do not overfill the stain. Even with the pastel look and displays, the living room retains a minimalist feel for everyone.